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Short Lived

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

March 22nd 4:07 p.m.

“Just a few more questions.”
“Alright, I don’t care. You’ll keep me here anyway. What do you need?”

“Okay then, thank you, so when did you first start to believe you were a vampire?”

“Hmmm, I don’t really know. Ah yes, probably the first time I started biting people, and it made me hungry to look at them. “

“Just start at the beginning, okay?”

“Kay, I can’t really remember the very beginning. Just that one day, I guess around fall, I was searching online for a Halloween costume and I sort of just stumbled on this really cool looking website. Then I started reading the information on it and realized that it was a website for vamps’ and people who think they are and people who have mental afflictions who honestly think they are vampires. Reading it, I was thinking to myself ‘Oh my gosh, crack heads,’ but then I left the site because I wanted something to eat.”

“Are you saying that reading about vampires and people with mental illnesses made you hungry?”

“No, I was starting to get hungry before that because it was around 7 ‘o’clock and I hadn’t eaten anything for supper yet.”

“Alright, go on.”

“I will. Okay the next day I was feeling antisocial so I pretended to be sick and my mom called me in. I sort of just lounged that day except for the fact that I was starving the whole day, even though I was eating like crazy. So I pretty much slept the whole day. The next day I went to school, I was still really hungry though, I kept like gnawing on the shoulders of my friends and stuff, they thought I was just being weird. The only thing was I kept biting harder and harder until I actually drew blood on the arm of one of my friends, then I started freaking out. I honestly thought I was turning into a vampire.”

“You actually bit through the skin on one of your friends? They must really like you to let you bite them in the first place.”

“Ya, they do love me, but that’s the reason I didn’t want to hurt them so I just tried to stop. That didn’t work so I just stopped going to school, but they would come to my house to talk to me and see if I was alright. At that point, my mom started to think I was faking being sick so she told me she was going to bring me to the doctor.”

“A very motherly thing to do.”

“I hate you. Do you know that?”

“Please, just continue with your story.”

“Well, she planned for a day three weeks after I had missed my twenty- seventh day of school. A week later, I was starting to think that was a good idea, because I started getting these really bad migraines and I was nauseous a lot. It was really weird, because a few days later, I felt fine. I still went to the doctor and he ran some tests. It actually turned out that I had a tapeworm, which like stole my food and nutrients causing the ravenous behavior, migraines, and the nauseous feeling. He also told me I should visit the psyc ward because my friends had told my mother about the biting of other people. Which is why I’m here talking to you. “

“Ah, I see.”

“Is there anything else you would like to know?”

“No, that is all. You may leave.

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