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The Break-Up Note

May 23, 2011
By ScubaDiver GOLD, Billingham, Other
ScubaDiver GOLD, Billingham, Other
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I clench at the cold stone wall behind me. This was it, this was the end. The wind teases me as it waits for me to jump.
I hear yells coming from the town square below. I pull the note out of my pocket once more.

I'm sorry that I can't say this to your face, but you are going nowhere and dragging me with you. One day you'll get off you treadmill and actually get from A to B, but I can't wait until then. I'm sorry.

Rage filled me up once more. I didn't understand what he was talking about with the treadmill. It was some stupid metaphor. My sight had gone red and I started to step off the building.
The yelling got louder. My foot just dangled there. I slowly released my grip of the wall. The wind seemed to blow harder as if it wanted me to jump.
I suddenly felt a strange sensation. My eyes started to look down without my permission. I tried to drag them back up but they had locked onto one face.

It was him...

He was yelling up at me. He was crying. My face bust out into a smile and I reached for him with a hand.
I had lost my balance. I began to fall. I closed my eyes and screamed. His face was still in my mind. Why did this happen?

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