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June 7, 2011
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I have always been the popular girl, the girl with all of the friends. I was the one that thought that everyone liked me. Everyone thought my life was perfect, but I had a secret, that I felt like I couldn't tell anyone. I look back now and I blame my parents.

"Sasha! We;re back from church." My mother was yelling up the stairs. I rolled my eyes and went back to texting Lisa.

My parents have always been strong catholics. They tried to make me be one, but I don't really believe any of that stuff.

I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of Pepsi. I paused outside the living room door and heard my parents whispering.

"Ugh it's disgusting. I bet it was how he was raised. Our little Sasha will never turn out to be gay, even if she goes against our ways." I hated how they talked like that. Their way always had to be right.

I stormed up into my room. I wasn't sure why I was so angry.

I slurped my soda and watched Lisa as she argued with the spotty guy behind the counter. She always seemed to get into an argument in cafes. I never know how she does it.

"So how come you said no to Liam? I think that you would make a good couple." She sat down on one of those horrible metal chairs that look like tinfoil.

"I dunno. I'm just not that attracted to him." I examined my nails.

"What? He's totally fit. I worry about you sometimes. You haven't had a boyfriend ever, when you can get anyone you want." That's when it dawned on me.

"Oh sh*t. My parents are going to kill me." I leaned back. I couldn't believe it but it kind of made sense. Lisa looked confused. "I thing I'm gay."

She started to laugh. I sat there frowning at her until she was finished. I was completely serious and it didn't feel good to have her laugh like this.

"Wait. You're not serious? You? Gay? That's the stupidest thing I'vee ever heard." She started to laugh again. I felt humiliated. "Oh god, you are serious... I'vee got to go."

I watched as she got up and nearly ran to her car. I didn't understand. Why did she react like that?

I closed the door behind me and the tears started to well up. Lisa had told everyone at school and I had been treated like a freak. I'vee only just realized how badly I'vee been treating over people and it's too late. Everyone either hates me or is scared that I fancy them.

My mother walked in and saw me crying. She came over and hugged me. She led me into the kitchen and got some kitchen roll to dry away my tears, but they kept coming.

"What's wrong? What's happened?" She hugged me closer. I felt accepted again. I felt like someone actually cared.

"I... I'm gay." I blurted it out. She pushed me away and stared at me in horror. I was so stupid. I should have known this would happen.

"No. You are not. You can't be." I just stood there crying.

My life turned into a living hell. No one talked to me, even mt parents avoided me. I didn't understand what had changed. I was still the same person, but to them I'm a freak...


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