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Little Pink Plus

July 3, 2011
By BelleMoi BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
BelleMoi BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
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I have two personal favorite quotes.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game- A Cinderella Story
Passion is passion, it's the excitement that fills the tedious spaces. And it' doesn't matter where it's directed- Dear John

The little pink plus showed as the result. The result she had never wanted to see. The result she thought they had avoided. The result that could potentially ruin her life.

This can't be hidden from her parents and an abortion isn't an option. Though being raised in a strict Christian household she was sure she was going to be disowned. First things first. She needed to make a doctor's appointment. She picked up the phone to call the local OBGYN. "Hello, this is Dr. Hansen's office. How may I help you?" The receptionist answered.

"Hello, I need to schedule an ultrasound appointment with Dr. Hansen please."

"Ok, I need your name and date of birth please."

Birth that thought engrossed her entire mind, the pain, the mess, all to bring the little one inside of her out into the world. "Ma'am, your name and date of birth please."
"Oh, sorry. Jacquelyn Grant, April 11th 1994. "
"Alright Jacquelyn, you have an appointment with Dr. Hansen next Thursday at 1:30."
This situation deemed itself unreal. She didn't even notice what she was doing until her boyfriend picked up the phone.
"Hey baby. What's up?"
Stalling was worthless. Coming out with it was best and she knew that. "I'm pregnant Drew" was all she said.
The line was silent for nearly 10 minutes. "I were on the pill...we used protection...we were" He said sounding shocked.
"I must have forgotten my birth control, and the condom must have broke, or had a hole." She started crying, her body racked with tears "this.. is all... my... fault Drew...I'm...I'm...I'm so sorry" She said between broken sobs.
"Jackie, this isn't anyone's fault. This is a miracle in disguise." He said trying to uplift her spirits.
"I have an ultrasound appointment next week. We've got to tell our parents"
The conversation ended with a mutual agreement to tell their parents at the same time, over dinner, at Drew's.
"Thank you for coming Mr and Mrs. Grant. Jackie and I have something to tell you. Shocked you shall be to find out...."
Jackie mouthed stop to Drew. "Mom, Dad, Mr and Mrs. Mitchell, the easiest way to say this is I'm..." She couldn't find the words to say it.
"Pregnant" Drew filled in for her.
Her parents looked as if they were going to speak, she was terrified of her father's possible rebuttal, and her mother's fury.
"We had hoped this wouldn't happen to you two. You're so young, and with a baby on the way, your teenage years are going to slip away." Her mother said.
Jacquelyn's father was speechless, as were Drew's parents.
Month by Month
Trimester by Trimester
Week by Week the due date got closer.
The early morning of May 23rd, the same day as Drew and Jacquelyn's two year anniversary, Jacquelyn went into labor. She called Drew on her way to the hospital. Nine months, lamaze classes , and babysitting had no where near prepared her for what was about to come. Drew was unreachable. As her cervix dilated centimeter by centimeter Drew was still a no show.
She was 10 centimeters, and determined not to push until Drew got there. Dr. Hansen strongly advised now was the optimum time to get the baby out. Push after push. 20 minutes later she heard the cry of her newborn baby girl.
Even after they cleaned her off and took her to the nursery Drew still hadn't shown. She had called and called until her phone died. She fell asleep shortly after that.
The next morning arrived, and she was awoke to police officers in her room. "Can I help you officers?" She asked.
"You're Jacquelyn Grant, correct?" One of them said.
"Yes, why?"
"You're boyfriend Andrew Mitchell, died in a car crash yesterday, around 2 a.m.."
This information couldn't process in her brain. "If this is some joke it's not funny. Please tell me you're not serious."
"We found his cell phone, that's how we found you. He had flowers, and balloons in his car and we suppose he was on his way here when he was hit. He had an instantaneous death. We're sorry for your loss" that was all they said before they left.
Later that day a woman came in wanting to know the name of the baby for the birth certificate. "Lillian Drew Mitchell" was all she said.
She had to adjust to her new life, life with her baby, and life without Drew. His parents were heartbroken. But they still melted at the sight of their granddaughter.
"Mom, I'm taking Lilly out." Jacquelyn said.
"Ok, have fun." She responded
The drive was long and harsh with memories of Drew swirling around in her brain. She pulled into the parking lot, at the cemetery.
Taking the walk to his grave was more than she could bear. Breaking down half way there. When she finally reached his grave, Jacquelyn picked Lilly up out of the stroller and kissed her forehead. "See baby, you see? This is your daddy. This is where he's buried. And up there, that is where he lives, watching over me and you. He loves you baby. I promise he loves you."

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