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Just another day.

January 8, 2012
By Hippiealien SILVER, Fair Oaks, California
Hippiealien SILVER, Fair Oaks, California
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Waking up with a hangover on the park bench and the sound of cars honking in the background isn't fun, but that's how every morning is for me.
The busy streets of detriot are no place for a kid, especially a seventeen year old. The streets are rough,Gotta watch your back around every corner. You get on the wrong side of some psyco, you'll be dead in a second. I've been on the streets for at least a month, trying to find the one person i cared about, my sister. I Don't know why,but that impluse ya get when you need that one thing to survive is what lead me to this very spot. I don't know if i could ever live without the meds,but i really can't live without my sister. We have been through thick and thin,everything together. I was there for her when my parents were caught up in there own life not caring about the trouble we got in,and trust me..we got into some pretty deep trouble. Momma and pop never cared though it was always about the Meth always about getting ahold to the Morphine. But i was always there,untill i followed in my parents foot steps.

I can still remember that night,I needed a fix. fast. I told Leah that it would only be a second,she was stupid to even follow. I met the thugs around the corner from Bob's deli,100 Morphine pills like i asked. Only they told me over the phone it was only 50 bucks. Thats all i had , I still think they cheated me when they demanded 80 bucks, but whatever happened i will never forget the day they took my sister.She was only 13 ! How dare they involve her in this she didnt even know what i was doing . I feel horrible,i promised her as long as I live i would never get addicted.Now god only knows where she is and i only have 20 bucks to help me find her. If you have never been to Detroit,it's a pretty big city. Gotta have the dough to survive and transport yourself around.

i sat up and looked around, it looked alot different in the dark, the swingset I thought was red was actually pink, and there was a slide i dont remember that, heck i don't even remember half of what happened last night.All i know is Vodka is some pretty good stuff,but the park bench? Not my ideal place to crash. But if this , sleeping in parks , is what it takes to get my little sister back then so be it. I walked into that rich prissy detective's office yesterday morning. That conversation still Irritates me.

"What do you need Darious?" She said.

"Leah. You know that,help me find her and i wont bug you anymore." I said,stern in my place.
"You know I can't do anything till you get me that 300 dollars." She said Matter-of-factly.

I grumbled,Always about money these days. "Fine,I'll work for you for a year. Just please find her! She's out there with some thugs!"

She just went back to her work,my cue to leave. That's how it's been for the last week,every morning i pay dime to take the bus to go to Detective Ross's office and every morning i get this same conversation. I'm done with people,i'm doing this on my own.
Rubing the agonizing pain from my head i stood up, and some one tapped on my shoulder, I spun so fast I gave myself whiplash. behind me stood a boy around my age with blonde hair, he was at least a head shorter then me. He had that same tattoo though,that Red dragon on the right shoulder.

"Your from the Blood Legion gang arn't you? Where's my sister!?" I said defensivly.

"Calm down. I was part of them,I am Scott. Your sister? I know somethings,but I know for sure she's okay." He said quietly,like he isn't supposed to be here.
"I'm sorry man I can't believe they did that they , they werent supposed to."
"That's out it works,Leader sets up a good price and raises it up. He's gotten some pretty good thing's over the years,Your sister was just the best thing he got. I got 500 bucks,stole it from Leader. Also got a gun,we're gonna need it to get your sister back. Leader doesn't give up anything without a fight." He said.
"Why are you helping me ?" I asked wearily.He looked like he was offended.
"Look I told you I don't think what they did was right . I am trying my best to help you and your sister the leader can be realy sick and twisted sometimes." He looked off into the distance as if reminicing some horrible memory, then shook it off. I realized he was my only chance of findind Veronica and i wasn't about to let him leave.
"How much do you want for it?" I said harshly.
"Nothing,i just want to help you!" he said looking hurt, i don't understand why he doesn't want anything, doing something this big is usually pricey.By just helping me ,it could be his death sentence.
"You must want something, especially for putting your life on the line"

"Lets just say im not doing this for you." He looked thoughtful for a moment then sobered up.
"So what do you say " He siad.
I hesitated "ok"
"good cause if we want to find you little sister before the leader gets bored we better hurry."
He whirled around and was striding a fast as his legs could go in what i knew was the slums.
"Hey . Wait !" I yelled as i rushed to keep up with him.
"nope we can't wait better walk and talk"
"Ok ok" i siad finaly catching up.We walked for a while before we stopped in front of a gutted out building,

"What's in here that we need?" I said,kinda nervously.
"Don't talk,just follow. Here you'll need this." He handed me a blood red shirt. I shrugged it over and threw my old yellow one out on the street. The room was musty and smelled like smoke.

"Don't talk,and don't make a fool out of yourslef. Got it?" Scott said.

"Yeah." I mummbled.
It seemed like it was a bar,but I couldn't tell.
"Hey Paul,got a new one here. Where's Leader today?" scott said to some shady guy.
"Heard he was up in Freeport station. What's going on?" He said while inhaling some form on a cigar.
"Nothing. Just need to talk to him." Scott said then turned around to go outside.
Outside the air was chilly,but smelled amazing compared to what it smelled like in that room.
"Sooo" I siad."How are we gonna get my sister back?"
"We are gonna find out where she is then we are gonna try not to get ourselves killed getting her back."
"Not getting killed sounds good." I said sarcasticly.
We started walking towards the nearest subway station,I only have a few bucks so I hope scott plans on paying.

As we walked down the steep stairs down to the tracks,I had that same panic I had that Night. What if scott really didn't want to help me? What if he was just taking me to Leader so he can just finish me and Leah off?

I must have made a funny sound becuase scott looked me strange.
"What?" I siad defensivly.
" What was that sound?" Scott said as we stepped down to the ticket booth.
"Nothing," I said.
We boreded a train to the closest station to Freeport,Main station. The smell of Smoke,beer and Pot reeked withing the passangers. It made me gag,My headed pounded with a intense pain. I havn't had a fix in 12 hours. God,I needed a pill . But i had to stay strong and not take one,espcially if i ever wanted to see Leah again. Memories of Our childhood flooded my memory,Us playing on the red swings in the park. Us sneaking some sugar pills in Momma's Pill bottle,oh man did we get a whopping for that one. But then i don't ever member a time when we weren't getting beat.

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