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It Gets Better

May 16, 2012
By Nourab SILVER, Burke, Virginia
Nourab SILVER, Burke, Virginia
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“What I’ve learned is not to change who you are, because eventually you’re going to run out of new things to become.

Every day became a new struggle for fourteen year old Grace. She dreaded waking up in the morning and having to go to school. School was nothing but hell for her. She would spend the whole day getting picked on because of her weight and would be forced to sit alone at lunch. Nobody talked to her because she was known as the “weird fat girl.” The truth is, Grace didn’t label herself this nor did she ever want to be. Grace gets picked on for reasons that she cannot control. After all, she’s just a kid.
One day, Grace decides that she’s had enough. She was tired of having nothing to look forward to in life. She was tired of the name calling and the endless ridicules by her peers. She didn’t deserve it and she believed that the only way to stop it was to end her life. She went to school the next day in a happy mood, knowing that this was the last time she would ever have to put up with the bullying. She cleaned out her locker and gave an extra smile to her teachers. She took the bus home like she’s been doing and sat alone like usual. A little girl, about the same age, asked Grace if she can sit next to her. Grace was surprised that someone was talking to her in a very benevolent way. She kindly said yes.
Throughout the whole way home, Grace and her new friend, Marissa, talked about everything. They talked about their favorite T.V. shows, favorite songs, Justin Bieber, and everything else a fourteen year old would be interested in. Grace couldn’t remember the last time she was laughing and enjoying herself this much. After the bus ride, Marissa asked Grace if she would like to come over to hang out some more. Grace couldn’t believe she met someone who could look past her looks and wouldn’t judge her for anything. She couldn’t be happier that she made a new friend.
Years later, long after their teenage years, Grace and Marissa became closer every day. They’ve gone through high school and college together and reached as many hardships and good times to build their bond even stronger. On Grace’s wedding day, she makes a toast dedicated to Marissa. She thought it was time to tell her something that she’s never told anyone before. She looked her right in the eyes and said, “You saved my life.” She explained to her that hours before meeting her, she was planning on ending her life. But then she met someone who offered only one thing that changed her mind; friendship. She then looked at the crowd and said, “It gets better,” with a smile wrapped around her face.

The author's comments:
I wrote this article because I wanted to stress the idea that bullying can lead to suicidal thoughts. What these children don't know is that it gets better. School is just a small part of your life and you will move on to do bigger and better things.

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