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The Time I Betrayed a Real Close Friend

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

There have only been a few times that I did in fact betray a real close friend, but the time I kissed my friends’ “love interest” was by far the worst. There has never really been much talk about how this girl, Madison liked my friend Tom. There was always the “oh my God, she is the one for me,” which got old very fast. I mean one never knows; usually people at that age are always like, “oh man I want to have sex with her,” or the occasional “he’s not the one for me,” but not in this case; it was much more.

It was an early August day where nothing could have been more perfect sitting by the river; it was warm, sunny the air was crisp and even the surface of the Connecticut River looked as if it was made of glass. As I sat thinking of how amazing this girl actually was, knowing just as much as you could know about somebody without meeting them I felt curious. I said to myself, “should I ask her to come spend some time with me?” Now as far as I knew, she knew as much about me that I knew of her, until she came and said to me, “I’m glad you asked me to come; did Tom finally tell you that I liked you?” “Now thinking to myself, “oh my god! She must have taken this invitation to hang out with me as a date? What if Tom finds out? Will he be mad?” While I was in a state of guilt, Madison came unexpectedly and said, “Its okay Hun, Tom said he didn’t care if we hung out.” However, knowing this information did nothing but make me feel disgusted in myself, but I knew I couldn’t just bail out on her now, so we went on as if Tom wasn’t even a factor. We somehow ended up face to face flirting with each other with every breath we took; the sound of her voice was seductive; the smell of her body was breathtaking, but most of all, her touch sent electricity through my body, making even the longest hairs on my head stand up, so I looked at her and smiled. I told her, “Michelangelo couldn’t even sculpt a face as beautiful as yours.” She smiled and slowly made her way to my face; my heart started pounding so fast it felt as if I was doing something wrong, but knowing what was to come; the best and most electrifying kiss of my life. So as nervous as I felt I slowly moved to meet her ruby lips for the single greatest kiss of my life; the taste of her lips was like nothing I have had before. It was truly the perfect kiss. After the kiss, I felt a warm sensation inside, feeling as if nothing could bring me down, until I saw Tom staring at us in the distance. Therefore, as we both played it cool, we collected ourselves, and then walked up the street to meet Tom, nervously thinking that he saw the whole action, wondering how he was going to react to the situation. When we got there, I said, “I am really sorry, man” but before I could finish, he said, “no, it’s ok. I’m actually here waiting for my date to show up so we can go out tonight to go to the movies and dinner on a double date?” Madison and I looked at each other, smiled, and said, “of course, we would love to join you.” Joking around with him, I say, “Sure, I would like to meet your new “love interest.”

Tom and I have been through thick and thin together; that’s why we are best friends. This time proved the strength in our relationship since no one was hurt; no grudges were made, and most of all no friendships were broken.

The author's comments:
my 10th grade english teacher Mrs. Hines inspired me to be the best writer i could be.

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on Nov. 13 2008 at 2:07 am
hey awesome entryyyyy they should def. put this in the magizine so i can see it in there and be proud of my boyfriend i love you congratssss