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Danny Unmanly Happiness

October 14, 2013
By mich18 SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
mich18 SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"You are what you say you are."

Danny tiptoed his way to his mother's closet from the light that came from his brother's mirror. He Dances around in his mothers stuff in joy until he sees this bright pink Toto. Wishing that he can be pretty enough to wear it instead of wearing boyish clothes and having a manly style his dad says he should wear and be. But as soon as he put the Toto on, he felt as if he was finally happy and was in heaven until he heard some noise in the kitchen. He tries to pretend that no one was there and that he was going crazy. But the noise kept getting bigger and bigger. It accrued to him that someone was there and he had to snap out of it. He started to shiver while sweating nervously as he takes off the bright pink Toto.

"Danny! Are you done with football practice?" Says his father in a deep Manish tone.

He wanted to tell him that he hated football and wanted to do belle but his father would be angry at him for that and Danny didn't want to make his father dought more about his son of not fitting the status of a man. So he put on his football gear like a manicon.

"Yeah, it was great."

"Well I hope you like it."

Danny looked nervous.

"Well it was okay," Danny said while looking to the ground.

He came to the conclusion and wanted to express how he felt. He wanted to stop lying to himself and let dad know what he really wants to do. Trying to be in a hot uniform that doesn't involve his best interest and walking around trying to be in love with something else when really his heart was in a different place was getting to him. All this pretending made him sick and made him want to burst out the inner person that god made him to be.

"Dad I need to tell you something."

He starts to get nervous and tries to talk but kept on choking on his words. He stops, hoping to say it in a positive way.


He feels numb, looking at the ground. As soon as he tries to say it, his father opens the door and brings out a simple of a man.

"I know that's why you are staying with my buddy Sandra."

Danny turns around and looks at the ground confused, wishing that he could stand up for himself and telling everybody else who he is. Danny looks back and remembers the good times he had with that bright Toto and dancing around in his mothers stuff. He takes a deep breath taking each step of the dance routine in his head and hoping someone special who he loves dance with him. He turns to his father and looks straight at him.

"No I will not because I…..I….. Am a pink beautiful ballerina."

His father stands there in shock. He puts Danny's date away that was meant to be with a football.

The author's comments:
Sometimes all boys do not like footballs.

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