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Bright Lights!

August 24, 2014
By RynKep SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
RynKep SILVER, Bloomington, Indiana
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  Katie trudged up the long stairs in the eerie night, the storm clouds covering the nearly full moon, blocking any useful light. A bright flash of lightning split the sky for a brief moment revealing her bedroom door. In her attic bedroom her glowing digital clock flashed ten thirty. She had just finished reading a bedtime story to the tireless triplets, The Three Little Pigs. They finally slept. She stripped off her clothing and collapsed, boneless, on her bed looking forward to the little sleep she would get before she had to get up at six in the morning to wake up her seven younger siblings. But, as she started to doze off,  the overhead light blinded her. “Sorry, Kay.” said her twin and roommate, Alice. “I didn’t mean to wake you, but I really need to pee.” Katie just barely groaned out a whatever before she fell back onto her bed and pulled the comforter over her head. Alice turned the light back off, cloaking the room in complete darkness again and Katie started to go to sleep, but a huge flash of lightning and it’s friend, thunder kept her from her goal. There was another lightning flash and thunder call, but this time there were the added sounds of little feet and a small child crying. They all rushed into the little room at once, 13 year old Robert first, carrying 4 year old twins. The 9 year old triplets crowded in behind them. One of the triplets, Dylan, flipped the switch to the light keeping Katie from sleep yet again. Katie slowly rose up from her warm bed reluctantly and took the crying twins. Alice went over to the triplets and led them over to Katie’s bed where they seem to have all of the sibling meetings. The triplets curled up at the foot of the bed, two of them leaning on the cold iron posts on either side of the other who sat right in the middle. Robert and Alice sat at the head of the bed, the little twins in their laps. Katie herself sat in the middle of the bed and comforted each of the little ones.

  “Remember what mom used to sing to us at times like this,” Katie asked. “before she died?” Robert and Alice nodded their heads, the memory playing in their mind. The triplets nodded as they remembered a few lyrics. The twins shook their heads guiltily, because their mom died during their birth. Katie patted their heads reassuringly and explained, “Mom’s favorite movie was The Sound of Music, so she would sing different songs depending on her mood and ours. I’m sure she would be disappointed if you’ve never heard one of her favorites. Would you like to listen to the song?” The twins and the triplets nodded their heads, but Alice put up her index finger to stop Katie from singing and went to the closet, pulling out her violin.

  She positioned herself and gave a quick nod. Katie sang My Favorite things, the song Julie Andrews sang in their mother's favorite musical,  while Alice played the matching Waltz. Everyone danced and sang and giggled until a sudden blackout silenced the room. The twins started to cry again, because they couldn’t find their siblings, the triplets hid their fear of the dark by grabbing whatever was close enough and clinged to it for dear life. After about five minutes the back up generator kicked into gear and the lights flashed on again, causing another case of temporary blindness to all in the room. Katie and Alice resumed the music and the sibling finished their little storm ball as the storm passed. In the early morning’s dim light the triplets waltzed back to their room and Robert took the sleeping twins to bed on his way to his own room. Alice fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Katie drew the curtains closed, went to bed, and thought of her mother.

  Eventually she fell asleep, but only an hour later the sun rose completely, the light from between the curtains waking her up enough to hear her father open her door. But before he could do anything she used the little bit of energy she had left in her to almost whimper, “Whatever you do, don’t turn on the lights. Please.” Alice giggled, pushed their father out of the room, and left for breakfast, leaving her older sister to sleep in.


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