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October 26, 2017
By Elizabeth2001 BRONZE, Durand, Michigan
Elizabeth2001 BRONZE, Durand, Michigan
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“Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end.”

Her name is Sarah Walker. She moved here two years ago. Her hair is a honey golden brown that flows down her back, her eyes are an icy blue. She can walk up to anyone and start a conversation. If someone drops their books, she’ll helps pick them up. Everyone loves her, but they don’t know what she hides inside. She fear if someone finds out her life will be over.
She walks down the hall on the warm autumn day and smiles at everyone. It’s a normal day for everyone but her. Today is finally the day, the day she makes the pain stop. It’s funny because everyone she knows runs away from death, but she runs to him with open arms. When she gets home her dad's passed out drunk on the floor. On a normal day, she would’ve wipe the vomit off his chest and face, but not today. She walks to her bedroom with the pink paint and blue, plush rug. She hates her room. Her mom painted it before she left. Before her life started falling apart.
She sits down on the floor and pulls a red notebook with her name on the front and a black pen that she would chew on while doing homework out of her bag. She writes a note saying she is sorry but couldn’t take it anymore, how she loves her family, but they couldn’t tie her down anymore. The puts her notebook on her night stand and pulls the .45 ACT Ballester–Molina out from under her pillow. She then puts the gun in her book bag. She leaves the house and walks to the back of the park that’s 2 miles away from her house and then in the woods she goes to end her life. She hopes everything goes as planned.
When she gets to the back corner about 1.5 miles away from the front, so no one can hear her. She pulls the gun out of her bag. The black barrel shines in the fading light. She starts to cry; she can’t stop herself. She put the gun to her head and counts. 1... takes as deep breath, 2… puts her index finger on the trigger, 3… lets out breath and press trigger but before the bullets meets her temple in a beautiful dance someone pushes her to the ground and pulls the gun out of her hand. It is the new girl from school. She can’t remember anything about her. Her eyes are a blueish-gray, but she can see the fear in them.
“W-w-what were you going to do?”
Sarah sobs she cannot stop herself. The girl looks at Sarah, and just pulls her into a hug. Sarah just sits there until her sobs finally stop. It’s way past midnight now and Sarah wonders if anyone found her note yet. She knows they didn’t, but it would still be nice to think her dad loves her and is out looking for her.
“If you don't want to talk about it, it's fine but why were you going to do that?” she looks at Sarah as if she wants to help her.
“Couldn't take it anymore. I’ve been living a lie and I couldn’t hold up anymore.” The tears start to flow again breaking her voice, “everyone wants too much out of me. I’m only 16. Why can’t I be a kid?” Sarah’s body is shaking with sods b now it’s hard for the girl to hear her.
“What kind of lies?”
“Everything ever said is a lie. I don’t have to parents who love and care about me. My dad’s a drunk and my mom bailed on me last year because I told her I liked girls. Everyone at school thinks I love myself and I’m perfect but I’m not.” Sarah couldn’t stop herself from saying it. She never told anyone. She can’t believe she told a stranger. Some girl she doesn’t even know. Someone who’s probably going to go home text her friend all about it and laugh. However, that didn’t happen. The next day at school she never saw the girl again. Sarah always wondered what happened to the girl. She just didn’t want to ask around, she feared they would find out her secrets.  
Ten years later
A few weeks after that Sarah went to Wight Pine.  White Pine is this really big mental hospital that can help her. She stayed there for 2 years. A day doesn’t go by that she thinks about this girl. She will always own this girl. She was selfless and helped Sarah when she could have gotten herself killed. Without her, Sarah wouldn’t have the life she does now. Her father stopped drinking after he found out and her mom came back. Turns out she was dealing with the same thing. She did not want anyone to know so she left, thinking she could run away from her problems but they ran right up to her. She thought she made Sarah that way and couldn’t live with herself.  Sarah’s in love with the most amazing person. It turns out it’s the girl who saved her life all those years ago. She couldn’t ask for more. Her life is amazing; she has a lawyer at a law firm and helps people who were like her. People who need help but can’t get it from the people who they live with. She wishes she told her dad about how she was feeling. She knows now that he would have helped her if he knew. But it’s too late of that now.

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