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So Where's Your Hat?

July 26, 2010
By Lovely_Lauren GOLD, Portland, Oregon
Lovely_Lauren GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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Your brown eyes sparkle as they travel to my green-blue ones. Your face holds a smirk and you wink at me. I make a face and you stick your tongue out at me. I scrunch up my nose in confusion and you laugh quietly. I smile and you smile with me, more of mischievous grin, like you know what’s going to happen next. I shake my head and you roll your eyes. Silent communication was always one of our best qualities together.
The preacher all the while booms out his sermon and I turn to focus on him instead of you. I purposely ignore you, feeling your gaze on me every so often. Suddenly, laughter erupts from your section. I know you’re trying to get my attention any way you can. I don’t budge and instead focus on my best friend Hannah as she texts her boyfriend. Now I can feel your eyes burning into the side of my head. I shake my head slightly and out of the corner of my eye, your hands go up in exhaustion. I laugh silently, making my friends look over with curiosity. I ignore them and look over at the preacher again.
Finally I can’t take it anymore and I look over quickly. Your face lifts into a grin as you let my eyes look into yours. Then you start mouthing something,
“Finally.” You say silently. I rolled my eyes and respond with a;
“Whatever.” Your eyebrows scrunch together and it’s your turn to stick your tongue out at me. I look away with a huge grin on my face, butterfly’s fluttering around in my stomach. Hannah, noticing this little conversation, shakes her head disapprovingly and continues to text.

Church is finally let out after a very long hour of listening to the preacher drone on and on. I never pay attention anyway, always distracted by your little quirks to get my attention.
I stand up, stretching and slyly looking for you in the big room. I spot you, and make my way over leaving my friends behind. You’re with a couple friends, but you ignore them subtlety and smile at me. I finally reach you and wrap my arms around your neck while your arms envelop me in a secure hug that lasts forever as you pull me away from your group. Much to your friend’s displeasure.
“Hey.” You whisper into my ear, your breath tickling my neck.
“What’s up?” I reply coolly, opposite to the tingles that travel through my body as you touch me.
“You are so stubborn, that’s what.” I laugh then, shaking in your hold. Your arms tighten around me as you laugh along with me.
“Whatever.” I say as I slip out of your hold.
“Wait.” You don’t let go and you look me straight in my eyes, our faces close. “Do you wanna come outside with me? I think I lost um, my hat out there.”
“Oh really now?” I giggle quietly and I pretend to think it over for a bit. You squeeze my sides anxiously.
“Well?” You ask impatiently. Your fingers absentmindedly tap against my hips.
“Um, okay. Let’s go now.” Your face bursts into a huge smile and you wink as your hand finds mine. I look over towards my friends and see that they’re all watching me with intense looks. I smile at them and wave my hand as you pull me away. They start to follow and I shake my head as you push against the doors leading outside. Luckily, no one but my few friends saw us leave.
You me pull further and further until we’re out of the church parking lot and the church’s perimeter itself. I laugh and whack your arm, asking where we’re going. We finally come up to a big tree, with green grass reaching up to the sky. You turn me to face you and slowly back me up against the tree. Suddenly, you were slightly pressed against me and our faces were close, foreheads pressing against each other. I smile and you chuckle as your hands slip down to my waist and you curl me into you.
“So where’s your hat?” I say teasingly, knowing that the entire time there was no hat in the first place. You chuckle again and your brown eyes look deep into mine.
“Oh, c’mere you.” You whisper and your lips reach mine. At first, it was tender and soft. And then it got a little rougher, your hands gripping me tighter into you and your lips opening mine. Flames burst out between us and it’s brilliant. Your hands aren’t around my waist anymore; they touch me mostly everywhere, leaving fire behind. And my hands aren’t at my sides anymore; they’re clasped around your neck pulling me closer into you.
Finally we broke away, our breathing shallow and rapid. I look into your eyes and smile. You grin and grab my hand.
“That was fun.” You remark. I laugh and squeeze your hand.
“Yeah, it was.” I say and then we go back to church, with smiles that we just can’t wipe off our faces.

I will always remember that spot, the tree that held two people crazy for each other. Sometimes I go back there, and remember the times that happened there. And sometimes when I go there, you always appear somehow and we replay that time with one simple question:

“So where’s your hat?”

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on Aug. 18 2010 at 4:49 pm
sweethearrrt GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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 haha i love how i just do nothing the whole time :) and i never knew that even happened