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no one is coming

October 23, 2010
By ladykate100 SILVER, Nunda, New York
ladykate100 SILVER, Nunda, New York
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“I don’t understand Jack. What did I do wrong?” she asked her eyes shining with unshed tears “it wasn’t you it is… ugh I don’t want to do this to you!” “Then don’t! please don’t leave me!” jack shuck his head “please what’s wrong?” he finally looked up at her “he’s after me!” A look of bewilderment flashed though her eyes “I don’t...” “Tanner.” He said shortly she gasped “he found me I don’t want him to hurt me I need to leave.” A loud knocking rang through the small room “Jack” a voice called to sweetly “I know you’re in there and I know Lisa is in there with you. Come on out and play.” They heard the sound of a gun being cocked and jack moved in front of Lisa protectively “No! I won’t let you die for me” she whispered “But that is why I love you. I love you feisty sprit.” As they stood there in each other’s arms waiting for the impending doom a maniacal laughter rang through their ears “how sweet expressing each other’s love for each other.” Something in Lisa finally snapped swiping the switch blade from Jack’s back pocket and launched herself through the door at Tanner shrieking at the top of her lungs. Startled from his crouch right outside the door He shot and they both crumpled in a heap on the floor their blood mixing in a pool in the snow. “Lisa!!!” Jack ran over to her pulling him into his arms ignoring the blood “Lisa” he sobbed “why did you do that you idiot?” “Because I love you” she said breathlessly her breath came in short gasps “please don’t leave me” she tried the grin but in was more like a grimace “look who is talking knows. I love you.” She whispered words fading away as she spoke “no no please” glancing around yelled “help! Help” “nobody is going to come love.” She said eyes flickering she gasped and heart slowed ba dump… bad dump… ba… dump and finally stopped.

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