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Green Eyes Ch. 2

November 5, 2010
By Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
16 articles 0 photos 41 comments

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I walked in to school the next day against my own will. I asked my mom if I could switch schools, but she said no. I told her I didn't like it here. She told me that I just had to give it some time. I only have one friend. And it seems as though I have two enemies. Life just wasn't fair. Ever.

"Nice to see you back, Ms. Flourentine," My first period teacher, Mr. McMath, said, smiling a little. It looked more like a smirk. He seemed to be laughing to himself about some kind of inside joke that no one else knew. The girl who had made fun of me, whose last name I only knew, glared daggers at me. She hated my guts. But the boy with the green eyes looked surprised, but I couldn't tell if it was a good surprise or a bad kind.

"Parents wouldn't let me leave," I muttered, going to my seat in the back next to my one and only friend, Franky.

She smiled at me. It felt nice to see someone with a real smile. "Welcome back. Most kids leave the first day because of my twin."

"Twin?" I asked, surprised. I snuck a glance at the red head. Then I looked back to Franky. "I don't see it." She didn't eve nhave red hair. Franky was a dirty blonde.

"Yeah, we look nothing alike, and act nothing a like. Madison likes to pretend I was adopted and it was just a coincidence that we have the same birthday. No one likes her."

I laughed softly. I learned my lesson from yesterday. "At least you admit it. I knew these twins at my old school, and one of them was a total jerk. I brought this up to the other twin, and he totally denied everything."

"Nah, no one really likes Madison. Not even her boyfriend," Franky said, pointing her thumb at Green Eyes. Oh, crap. I had a crush on the mean girl's boyfriend. I guess my face gave it away, because Franky smiled kindly. "Don't worry, every girl has had a crush on him at some point. Even I did once. But he's only ever gone out with Madison. They break up a lot, and it's always him breaking it off with her. I guess she threatens or blackmails him or something, because the next day he always asks her out again."

"Aw, poor guy," I commented, feeling kind of stupid afterwards. Franky gave me a funny look. "What? The guy's getting bullied by his girlfriend. I feel sorry for him," I defended myself. Although it was a pretty poor defense.

"You don't have a chance with him," Franky replied, looking sad. "She never gives anyone a chance." The bell rang, signaling the end of a class I wasn't really doing anything in.

"Well, I'm off to orchestra. See you in PE," I told my friend, waving a little bit. I walked to the orchestra room, glad I didn't have Madison in that class. But I do have Green Eyes. I realized I hadn't even asked Franky what his name was. I felt shallow.

"No!" Someone shrieked. "You are NOT breaking up with me!" I turned to the right and saw Madison, red in the face, yelling at a calm looking Green Eyes. "I refuse to let you break up with me, Adrian!" Well, at least I knew his name now.

Not wanting to listen to Madison yelling at her boyfriend - ex? - I continued to orchestra. I didn't want a headache so early in the day.

I got to class and put my bag under my chair. I grabbed my case and sat down at first chair, first violin. I started unpacking.

"Hey," Someone said. Someone with a wonderful voice. I didn't look up. I pretended I hadn't heard him. I didn't want to talk to Adrian. I put rosin on my bow, since I hadn't done that in months. "Don't ignore me." I guess this guy was so used to girls falling for him he wasn't used to being ignored.

The bell rang. "Mr. Eckertt, go get a tardy pass. You're not ready." I smiled a little and put my rosin away. "You too, Ms. Flourentine. You need to have everything out and ready before the bell rings. That includes rosining your bow." I stopped smiling and put my violin on my chair. I walked out of the classroom, feeling the glares and stares from everyone else.

"Thanks for getting me late," I heard someone say irritably. I looked up, stunned. There was Adrian. "You didn't have to ignore me."

"You didn't have to talk to me," I replied a little snappishly. I walked past him to the office.

"I needed to warn you." He sounded kind of... what? Worried? No, it couldn't be. Why would he worry about me? I'm the new girl.

"Yeah, right," I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. He grabbed my arm with his warm hand, making my heart speed up and skip a beat.

"No, seriously. Madison's out to get you now." He spun me around. He looked dead serious. "She thinks I broke up with her because of you." I wondered if he did, but I didn't think so. Franky said that this happens a lot. He'll ask her back out tomorrow. "Do you have any classes with her?" I blinked, but didn't reply. "Do you?" He demanded a little forcefully.

I was alarmed, scared. "Y-yeah. I do. I have her in... Science. Fifth period. Mrs. Saline."

He cursed softly. "That's not good. She's good with chemicals, and Mrs. Saline likes her. She could get away with anything..." He seemed to be talking to himself now. "Stay away from her. Whatever you do, don't go near her. Not even with Franky or I around." Did he really expect me to hang out with him? I'd be every girl's target.

"Why not?" I demanded, wanting to know why this totally hot guy would be warning me, the new girl.

"She has some pretty serious power here with the teacher and faculty. She could completely destroy your life and get away with it." He wasn't kidding. No one would joke about that. Right?

The author's comments:
This is the second chapter of Green Eyes. I'm not sure how many I'm going to have.

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on Nov. 18 2010 at 6:12 pm
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
16 articles 0 photos 41 comments

Favorite Quote:
"If they think you're crazy they won't mess with you."

I am. Thank you for your support! ^,^

JacobC GOLD said...
on Nov. 18 2010 at 5:13 pm
JacobC GOLD, Belgium, Wisconsin
10 articles 4 photos 69 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Am I indecisive? Well, yes and no." -Anonymous

This is really good.  Please continue the story.

on Nov. 15 2010 at 2:29 pm
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
16 articles 0 photos 41 comments

Favorite Quote:
"If they think you're crazy they won't mess with you."

Thank you for all the encouragement! ^.^ It's really helpful! And I'll be sure to look through your work, too!

Lonleydandy said...
on Nov. 13 2010 at 11:34 am
Love it! Keep writing!!!!!

ris829 SILVER said...
on Nov. 12 2010 at 9:29 pm
ris829 SILVER, Northidge, California
7 articles 0 photos 18 comments

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"Live as if your dying"

I really like it keep writing!!!! =D Adrian sounds really hot and mysterious. His looks remind me of my ex-boyfriend, he has green eyes and black hair!!! Check out my writing please =)

on Nov. 12 2010 at 10:49 am
Writing-Otaku GOLD, Spring, Texas
16 articles 0 photos 41 comments

Favorite Quote:
"If they think you're crazy they won't mess with you."

Thank you! I'm working on it, but it's a pretty slow process. I won't really be able to work on it until around two. Sorry! ^.^"

Dayne22 SILVER said...
on Nov. 11 2010 at 6:57 pm
Dayne22 SILVER, Las Cruces, New Mexico
6 articles 31 photos 82 comments

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"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"- Leonardo DaVinci "Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are" -Markus Zusak "I'm just trying to be me... Whoever that is" Unknown

this is sooo cute gawsh hurry up and get the next one :)