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Never Stopped Loving

May 14, 2012
By mammothfrk PLATINUM, Mammoth Lakes, California
mammothfrk PLATINUM, Mammoth Lakes, California
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He sped around the corner, racing home to clean his room so he could go to the movies with his friend that night. Rounding the turn, he suddenly screeched to a stop, missing a girl that was crossing the street by centimeters. She screamed and was on the verge of tears. “What are you thinking?!” she yelled. “You almost just killed me! What the heck are you doing driving that fast back here!” He felt horrible. He flung open the door to his car, “I am so sorry! Are you alright?” he said as his voice wavered. “No thanks to you I am…” she replied. “Listen, I said I was sorry alright? Not like I did it on purpose,” he responded. “Its fine, have a freaking awesome day,” she sarcastically said with a smile. He got in his car, but before he pulled away, he took one last look at her. She was gorgeous, with long brown curls and bright blue eyes; but best of all was her smile, it was unforgettable. He slowly proceeded to drive away, remembering his date with his friend.

That night at the movies, he was sitting next to his friend, but yet, couldn’t get one girl off his mind, his stunning almost fatal car crash beauty. He realized that he never even learned her name. Was she new to the neighborhood? She must have been part of the new family that had just moved into the Johnston’s old house. That night, he fell asleep thinking of her. He decided that the next day he would go to her house, to apologize personally of course.

He woke the following morning full of courage and spunk. Early afternoon he decided it was time. He strutted over to her house, while standing on the doorstep, abruptly all that courage left him. No. He had to do this. There was no other choice. He knocked lightly once, and after a couple seconds, another time a bit harder. The door flung open, and an older woman stood in its entirety. “Um, hi. Im looking for uhh well I don’t actually know her name…She has brown hair and uhh..” he stuttered out. “Oh! You must be looking for my daughter Adele! Adele, come downstairs! Theres someone here for you!” her mother yelled exuberantly. “Thank you ma’m.” he replied. Adele bounded down the stairs toward the white framed door. When she got there and saw who it was, she almost slammed it, but he stuck his foot in front of it. “Wait! I just wanted to apologize again! The right way this time!” he yelled in a last attempt. Adele slowly opened it again, peering at him in front of the sun. “Well, I’m waiting,” she said shortly. “Look, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have been speeding, and it wasn’t right of me to put your life in danger because of my bad choices,” he said sheepishly. “And if you’d have me, Id like to take you out for dinner tonight just to show how sorry I am.” “No thank you. I appreciate the apology, but I think that this is where we shall part,” she replied half firmly, but half dismayed.

They parted that night, Adele never expecting to hear from him again. But the next day, she opened her door to go for a walk through the park; and laying on her porch was a single pink daisy, it had a small white note attached to it. Adele picked it up and read the note that said, “Your not getting rid of me that easily. This daisy is pretty, but it doesn’t even compare to your beauty. By the way, my name is Corey, nice to meet you.” Adele couldn’t help but smile. But set the flower inside the door, and went for her walk anyway. Later that night, her last thoughts had to do with this so-called Corey, this muscular, blond haired, sweet-faced boy. What was wrong with her?!

The following morning as her and her family were leaving for Sunday church, they walked out the door, and nearly tripped over the box of chocolates sitting there. Once again, there was a small note on it, this time green paper rather than white. Reading the note to herself she smiled on, like always, “My favorite color is green, whats yours? These chocolates are sweet, but your sweeter. I understand you don’t know me, but we could change that! This Friday night, let me show you some of my favorite things. My treat!” Adele didn’t know what to think about Corey’s note this time. Apparently he didn’t understand the word no. But maybe yes wasn’t so bad. When she got home from church she wrote her own little note. “Hi Corey, yes I will go out with you on Friday, thank you for the flower and chocolates, oh btw my favorite color is purple.” Adele left it on Corey’s doorstep, knocked, and ran.

By the time Corey opened the door, there was nobody there. But the wind had blown a small white note into his house, he stooped down and grabbed it. After reading it, he was ecstatic. “Yes!” Corey yelled throughout his empty house. All week long all he could think about was Friday. But Corey wasn’t the only one whos week went by slow, Adele was good and ready by Friday.

Corey pulled up in his old beater Jeep at around 6, and hopped out to open the door for Adele. She was wearing a flowery dress with lace tights underneath, and looked breath taking. Corey had planned a whole evening first dinner at a whole in the wall Chinese place, then a little fun with some carnival rides, and to finish off the night, a laid out blanket under the stars. Adele was shocked, “Your doing all this for me?” Corey laughed a little, “Id do a lot more for you too, you deserve it.” Adele smiled and off they went on there night, they had many conversations about life, getting to know each other, and what the future may hold.

Most people would say that they were moving a bit fast, but they felt a connection that was unlike any other they’d ever had. Corey realized that even though she seemed tough, once he broke through the shell, she was very sensitive and down to earth. When they pulled into Adele’s driveway that night, she smiled her gorgeous smile and said, “Thank you Corey, I had a splendid time. You truly are a sweet guy.” With that, he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, “Thank you for one of the best nights of my life. I look forward to many more.” She stepped out of the car, and walked inside, turning right before she closed the door, and blowing a kiss. Corey pretended to catch it and put it in his pocket as if saving it for later.

The following weeks, they hung out often, but one day struck Corey in a weird way. Him and Adele were sitting on a park bench, it was silent, and out of no where, Adele quietly said, “Please don’t fall in love with me.” Corey was taken back, and wasn’t quite sure what to say. Adele quickly got up and walked away, head down. Corey sat in awe, not aware of what he was supposed to do. He got up and ran after her, spinning around the front of her so that they were face to face. “What was that all about?” Corey asked confidently. Adele slowly raised her head, there were tears in her eyes and had no smile upon the lips that were always smiling. “Corey…just please…listen to me…don’t fall in love with me,” she said so quietly it was almost a whisper. Corey stared deeply into her eyes while he ran his fingers through her hair. “To late my angel, I fell in love with you from the day I saw you,” Corey said sweetly back. “Corey, I have cancer, its bad and they don’t think I’m going to make it. This is why I didn’t want to start anything, I never meant for any of this. I have never met a more amazing guy, you deserve better than this. Than me.” Tears filled up in Corey’s eyes, and Adele didn’t know what to say. As she was about to walk away, Corey grabbed her arm and pulled her close. “I will never leave you. Were gonna get through this together.” She started crying into his light blue flannel, and he asked how long. She said they weren’t sure, but they knew only a couple months tops. The chemo hadn’t worked, and there was nothing else they could do.

Over the next two and a half months, Corey went to every doctors appointment, and spend every waking moment with the girl he loved. On one of her good days, Corey was pushing her down a pathway that wound through a long line of aspens turning a bright orange color. They came to a stop by a small aspen that was about four feet tall. Corey grabbed his pocket knife out of his back pocket and delicately carved the initials C.A. into the tree. “This tree is going to continue growing, just like my love for you, everyday it will get bigger,” Corey said as he smiled. He then got down on one knee, pulled out a small black box, and proposed to Adele. He vowed to spend the rest of his life, fully committed to loving her, and only her. Tears streamed down her face as she nodded yes. Corey never did get to marry Adele, the cancer took her life two days later. But Corey never did love another woman, never forgot about the only woman he ever had in his life, every year, he would go back to that very same aspen and run his fingers over the letters he had carved in years ago. He never forgot. He never stopped loving her.

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