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June 29, 2012
By selahoverrated GOLD, Mt Sidney, Virginia
selahoverrated GOLD, Mt Sidney, Virginia
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So what now? Raced through my weary mind as he said it aloud as well. Yes indeed what now. You know, having your childhood BFF confess the inevitable isnt usually on my daily list. A memory overcame me as we sat on that rusty playground after my cousins 5th birthday; we were playing with my Barbies and your Hot Wheels on the front porch of my house. You had just "blown up" all of my Barbie civilization and you watched as fake years rolled down my face. "Lila, its okay" you told me reassuringly. " When we grow up I'll marry you and you'll never ever cry".
Wow. Such strong words from a 7 year old. I didn't know at the time that this moment was a precedent to what was to come. Now here we were, among the weeds and graffiti of the forgotten playground had you said it was no lie.
I didn't know what to think of this. I did love you, but did I in the way you did me? I considered this as you got up to receive a call. I remembered the first kiss we shared, because everyone else had, at thirteen. You came apon me, shy smile on your eager face and brushed yours gently among mine. Remembering this, I stood to tell you of my decision. Sometimes love makes us do crazy things. Here would be the first of them.

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