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Broken Into Pieces

December 9, 2012
By Vanda GOLD, Hemt, California
Vanda GOLD, Hemt, California
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Three months ago
“Hey bestie!” I sing as I walk up to my best friends, Astrid’s, side. She glances at me with her blue violet eyes.
“Hi Harmony what’s up?” I shrug my shoulders. She turns her head moving her long black waist length hair. She wore her usual outfit. Black shorts, a Buffy the vampire Slayer shirt, and knee-high converse. We were two opposites but still best friends. I wasn’t sure how but they do say opposites attracted maybe they mean friendships as well. I usually wear skirts and sandals. Today I was in shorts and my favorite pink and white shirt with white sandals. My hair was a dirty blonde and waist length. My eyes were a light blue with a dark blue outline around the iris. I mean even our personalities are different. I’m fun and smart as the group labeled. The guys also added sexy, funny, shy, innocent (looking), and sometimes cruel unless you were on my bad side. Astrid added that if you were my best friend or boyfriend then get ready for the ride of your life. The guys also said I was a guy’s dream girl. Well okay then was my only comment. Astrid on the other hand is like the mask of the group. Outside she’s very shy and quiet but on the inside I know she’s a volcano ready to blow. She can be a tattle tale when it comes to telling me about things about the group. She never usually speaks up unless her personal life is involved. Like I said before we are very big opposites.
“Nothing much just bored as usual. So you up to anything this weekend?” She thinks about it for a second but is side tracked by her on coming boyfriend.
“Hey Astrid!” He sings from across the hall. I was totally embarrassed but Astrid just happily skipped toward him without a care in the world. Okay Astrid not like the whole hall isn’t watching you because they are. Blake the cool, calm, and collected one. Well that’s what we call him. He never seems bothered by anything. Never gets panicked or angry. He never seems fazed unless it has to do with his girlfriend, my best friend, Astrid. Or if you just push the wrong button then get ready to be yelled at. When he blows his top he blows his top. He never gets mad at Astrid though........oh no heaven forbid that could ever happen. He is the lead guitarist in the band the guys came up with. Until I heard them play I had no idea they even had talent. That was something I thought I never see out of these boys. Between them they had no idea until they met in Frey’s mansion with instruments and decided to mess around. All of a sudden you have Frey trying to sing a song he was writing while the rest of the band starts playing as a group. They were so surprised they had to try it out for real. When they did Desire put a school talent show video on YouTube and that’s where their director, Van, found them. They have one album out which went around the school faster than they expected. Now they along with Astrid, Desire, and I are all popular folk. They are kind of like Angels and Airwaves which is an American alternative rock group. I still don’t understand how they became stars. Well don’t judge a book by its cover. Anyways back to Blake. Blake’s purple shirt was something you could see a mile away especially accompanied by black skinny jeans. When he got closer his sky blue eyes came in contact with mine. “Hey Harmony how are you?” We rarely see each other unless after school or during the weekend.
“Fine.......ummm Astrid what about my question?” She looks away from Blake’s face. He had his arm around her as usual and that gave her the full view of his face as she puts it. She tilts her head most likely thinking of what to say.
“I think we can all hang out at the mansion this weekend......Frey said his parents would be gone again.” I smile. Frey’s huge awesome mansion. I loved it. Blake sighs.
“For how long?” He asks. Astrid moans.
“Until like May twenty eighth.” She answers. I cross my arms and pout.
“They always leave before his birthday. I feel sorry for him.” I sigh. Astrid nods.
“I agree. They always leave months before and come back days after. They never seem to have May twenty fifth open for Frey.” She whispers then shakes her head.
“Hey guys!” A voice calls from behind. I turn on my heels to face Kevin as he runs towards us. Kevin is very sweet and kind and nice. Over all the goodie-two-shoe of the group. I’ve never seen him get mad. I’ve never seen him hurt a fly. He’s just too nice. All though he does have a bad side. Never under any circumstances get him angry enough for revenge. You’ll never live after it. His hair is short and black. His eyes are a light gray and he normally wears a dark gray shirt and loose-fitting jeans. Kevin is also part of the band the guys created. He’s the bass guitarist.
“Hi Kevin. What’s up?” Blake asks. When Kevin joins our circle he answers.
“Nothing much just got out of math class.” He sighs. “Where’s everyone else?”
Astrid shrugs. “Not sure we haven’t really moved from this spot.” Kevin nods.
“So are we going to Frey’s mansion or not?” I ask. They all look at me.
“Frey’s parents leaving again?” Kevin asks. I nod.
“They’re returning on the twentieth eighth of May.” Blake informs.
“Well that gives us a lot of time to get ready for the concert on May twenty fourth.” Kevin smiles. “But that sucks for Frey.” Blake face palms.
“What’s up Blake?” Astrid asks.
“We still need to get the place picked out for the concert.” Kevin shrugs.
“Why don’t we just have the concert in the LA Pacific Ampa Theater?” Kevin suggests. I nod.
“I like that. It would be so cool.” I giggle. “Front row!” I lift my hand up for Astrid to high five it. She laughs and hits my hand.
“This May is going to be awesome!” She squeaks.
“I know!” I smile.
“The girls find a helium balloon or something?” Nyle asks as he walks into the circle. I cross my arms.
“No we didn’t. We’re just excited about the concert.” I sneer.
“Ummm that’s three months from now.” Nyle utters lifting an eyebrow. “I think you’re a little early.”
“Shut up.” I snap looking away from him.
“Yeah we can squeak if we want.” Astrid says looking away from Nyle also. Nyle is the sarcastic and very negative. He can never say the right thing at the right time. It’s always sarcasm or that’s not going to work or something bad is going to happen. Always sees the glass half empty. Stupid Nyle. He has a very bad temper. Also likes to get on Frey’s nervous just to see him blow his top. Nyle refuses to have a girlfriend but he isn’t gay. He just for some odd reason doesn’t want a girlfriend. Weird yes I know. He has leaf green eyes and shaggy black hair that is always spiked. He wears black. All the time. Never seen him wear any other color. Just black. Sad if you ask me. No variety. Poor guy. He plays the keyboards in the band. I think it’s weird to have an instrument that makes a bunch of weird but cool sounds. But he decided to pick that. Could have picked a tambourine or something.
“So what’s up this weekend?” He asks making eye contact with Blake.
He shrugs. “Not sure Frey said we might be able to stay at his house. His parents will be gone for a few months.” Nyle nods.
“Where is Frey anyways?” Kevin asks looking down the hall to the left and then the right. “He’s usually here before us.”
“No before you Kevin.” I correct as I point at him.
“Just because I miss a few test doesn’t mean anything.” He sighs.
“Well yes because it means are weekends are cut down.” Astrid utters.
“She has a point.” Blake smiles always agreeing with his girlfriend. Like always. Always tied at a string.
“Whatever.” Kevin imitates are girly motion of looking away from the group.
“Hey guys!” A female voice calls from behind.
“Desire! Ryder! What’s up? Why are you so late?” Nyle asks as they come closer. Ryder smiles then stuffs a piece of paper into his pocket. News Flash. Don’t be tricked when this guy asks for your number and you have the biggest crush on him. He is such a player. I swear first time he met me he was flirting his butt off. I swear. Man. He never stays with one girl. He says he’ll never get tied down to one. I don’t understand that. It’ll happen one day. He is also the biggest jokester of our time. I’ve never heard so many jokes in one day the first time I met him. Man this guy gets them out of nowhere. He is also very curious. So basically the term curiosity killed the cat is like his number one favorite. Why? It never kills him. As he says. He has very light brown eyes and brown hair with little red streaks all over. His favorite shirt which is what he was wearing today is a red shirt with skull and crossbones. He mostly wears skinny jeans. Black skinny jeans. He is the drummer of the band. Why so far in the back. Well he sings like a dying cat unlike the rest of the band who all have decent voices. But Frey. Internal sigh.
“Ryder insisted we wait for this one new girl he’s had his eyes on for three weeks. Of course with his ‘grand’ flirting skills she gave him her number.” Desire sighs. “And I had to suffer through all those jokes and cheesy ‘girl roping phrases’.” She makes a disgusted face. Desire is the no one gets in my way type of girl. I think that’s why Ryder never tried to flirt with her. She is very nice. Like Kevin I don’t think I’ve ever seen her snap at someone even if she looks like she’s going to blow. Although I have this strange feeling about her not sure why. She has ice blue almost white eyes and white blonde hair that cascades down to her mid-back. She wore white shorts and a violet shirt.
“For your information my ‘grand’ flirting and ‘girl roping phrases’ got me this hot chicks number. Which by the way is burning a hole in my pocket begging me to call and ask her what she’s up to this fine weekend.” Ryder smiles widely which meant he was very happy with his triumph. Astrid walks up to Desire’s side.
“I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” She whispers then hugs Desire.
“I thought I wouldn’t live through it.” She places her hand on her forehead as if about to faint.
“Ryder are you going to end up breaking this girl’s heart just because another girl passes you in the hall?” Blake utters then leans against a wall.
“There’s so many fish in the sea. Why waste them?” He grins. That is like his catch phrase.
“You know when people go fishing they usually keep the fish they catch.” Kevin sighs looking back at the group.
“Yes but I’m sure another fellow player would love to catch her also. So my job is to catch and release.” He looks at his nails then rubs them against his shirt as if getting a girl’s number was such a hard job.
“Whatever lazy.” I yawn. “Sorry but this story just got old.”
Ryder makes a hurt face as he places a hand on his chest. “Lazy. Do you know how hard it is to get a girl’s number on the first shot?” I tilt my head to the side.
“Wouldn’t know I’m not a lesbian.” I utter.
“Of course I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” He sneers.
“Can we leave this hell house they call school?” Nyle asks looking very annoyed.
“We need to get the tickets out first.” Ryder smiles totally switching his character in less than three second flat. Wow new record. That was a fast bounce back. I stand there a little impressed.
“What about Frey?” Astrid asks.
“The guys probably already left without us.” Blake sighs. “I mean he hasn’t even called or texted.”
“He ditched us!” Nyle cries.
“Or he’s just late.” I point out.
“Nope the bastard ditched us.” Nyle sighs. “That ass.” See very negative.
“Uh huh.” Astrid utters crossing her arms and staring at Nyle’s over reacted movement of arms up in the air and feet slightly apart.
“When did you get into drama class?” Ryder asks looking Nyle up and down.
Nyle lowers his arms. “What?”
“In other words stop being so dramatic. All he did was ditch us it ain’t the end of the world.”
“Ain’t isn’t a word.” I utter. Ryder looks at me.
“It is when you type it into a computer and it says its right.” He sneers. “Also it’s right in my mind.”
“And we all know that his mind is just so important everything must be shared.” Frey’s voice jokes from the outside of our circle. I turn to face him as he walked closer in all his wondrous gorgeousness. I couldn’t help but smile as I meet his beautiful sparkling dark blue eyes. Frey is the mysterious, shy guy that you see standing with his head down in a corner looking so damn hot in his ice blue tight shirt and skinny jeans. Walking with his backpack slung over his shoulder like nothing and his hands stuffed in his pockets as if even his jean pockets held secrets. He smiles as he notices I was staring at him. The smile with the perfect white teeth and kissable pink lips. So silent it kills you to hear what goes on in his head wondering if it’s as perfect as the way he looks. So ill tempered it’s the hottest thing in the world especially when he gets mad at someone over you. Over all the perfect hottest lead singer of Frey’s Five. Stupid name I know but somehow it stuck. “Hey Harmony.” His deep voice almost sent me straight to the ground with a huge OMG. I smile even more.
“Hey Frey.” He leans down and kisses my lips. They were warm and sweet as always.
“Hello can someone please change the channel this is way too rated R.” Ryder cries obviously very disgusted. I smile under Frey’s lips and hook my arms around his neck. He kisses me deeper and slides his hands around my waist. “Anybody?! It’s going too far!” The others laugh at Ryder’s reaction. Frey backs away and only leaves our foreheads touching.
“I think he’s had enough don’t you agree?” He grins. I shake my head.
“Not nearly enough.” I whisper then press my lips against his. Of course he never backs away.
“Ugh!” Ryder squeaks. I hold in the laugh that almost chocked me.
“Who’s over dramatic now?” Nyle asks.
“Ewwww!” Ryder cries. “Stop switching saliva!” Frey breaks and backs away with laughter. I can’t help but laugh as well but keep my eyes on Frey’s gorgeousness as he laughed and pushed his blonde bangs gracefully out of his eyes. Internal sigh.
“We should go before Ryder up chucks his lunch.” Blake chuckles then wraps his arm around Astrid’s shoulders and walks her toward the door outside. Kevin follows as his and Nyle’s laughing fit carries on. Ryder walks without looking ahead and just focuses on his feet the whole way out. Desire just shrugs the only one that apparently didn’t seem fazed by Ryder’s reaction. Somehow she seemed very irritated maybe with me. I wasn’t able to ask before she followed the others.
Frey looks at me. “Is something up with Desire?” I shrug.
“She was fine before we kissed. Maybe she’s just jealous?” I start walking pulling Frey along as I take his hand.

My relationship with Frey was the best thing I could ask for. That next week I didn’t keep that in mind as I broke his heart for something I should know he’d never do. That next Wednesday after school we had planned to meet in the same spot as before in order to stay together so we could hang at Frey’s mansion as we’ve been doing since his parents left that last Friday. I was one of the last to make it to the spot because I was trying to look for Frey before meeting up with the others. For some odd reason he wasn’t in his last class, no one saw him at his locker, and he never texted where he’d be. I knew he was there that day. I was a little worried. I mean him being this really popular rock star of today and having to still come to school where most of his fans went. Who knew where he was trapped. Who knows even kidnapped by random chicks in a black van. That wouldn’t be good.
Hey guys have you seen Frey?” I ask as I push passed Nyle and Desire in order to get into the circle. Astrid looks up at Blake who nods. She still looks at me shyly with her mouth shut tight.
“Hey ummm Harmony. How’s your day been going?” Kevin asks smiling nervously.
“Fine. What’s going on here?” I utter. “Never mind. Have you guys seen Frey?” Nyle shrugs.
“Haven’t seen him since this morning.” He grins. “Why?”
“Because I can’t find him. At his last class or his locker.” I sigh. “I’m worried.”
“He can take care of himself.” Ryder chuckles nervously. “The guy has balls right.”
“Seriously what’s with the weirdness in the air?” I sneer placing my hands on my hips.
Kevin looks around. “What weirdness there isn’t any weirdness?” I lift an eyebrow.
“Astrid.” Blake whispers. She shakes her head and hugs him. What were they not telling me?
“So the sky is yellow today. It’s also really cold. And what about the huge flower in the front of the school pretty spectacular huh?” Ryder grins looking at the others as if hoping they’ll follow up with that ridiculous subject changer.
“Astrid what are you guys not telling me?” I cross my arms as I glare at her.
She plays with her fingers then walks out of Blake’s arms. “Ummm well I saw Frey after school.” She whispers.
I nod. “Okay and where is he now?” I tilt my head to one side as she whines.
Desire rolls her eyes. “Come on Astrid spit it out.”
“Don’t say that. She’ll up chuck if you do.” Ryder whispers to Desire.
“Well when I saw him-he-well.” She shakes her head. “Blake I can’t do it!” She runs into his arms. He looks me straight in the eyes.
“Astrid saw Frey kissing another girl.” He sighs then looks down at Astrid who looks at me helplessly.
“What?!” I shriek. I stomp my foot and feel tears sting my eyes. “Where?! Where did you see him?!”
“Near the lunch tables.” Astrid utters. “It probably wasn’t even him. Maybe someone who looks like him.” She hides her face in Blake’s chest.
“That ass!” I scream. I stomp out of the circle as they start following with begs and pleads not to believe he would actually cheat. Desire stayed perfectly quiet. I didn’t care why. I push people out of my way as I move closer to the lunch area and sure enough I see Frey against the wall with a girl on his chest and in his face kissing his lips. A cheerleader! Out of all of them it was the head cheerleader. His eyes were wide open and shocked. He was tense. “Frey!” He looks in my direction and pushes the girl off. She smiles as he runs toward us.
“Harmony it’s not what you think-” He begins.
“I know exactly what it is you cheater!” I scream as I walk closer to him.
“Harmony wait let me explain. She kissed me I swear.” The cheerleader walks up with a confused look.
“Frey baby you told me you broke up with Harmony. What’s going on?” My mouth falls.
“I don’t understand!” Astrid cries. “He wouldn’t-”
“You two timing bastard!” I cry. I was too angry to let tears fall down my cheeks.
“Harmony no. She’s lying I swear. I love you Harmony. Please believe me. I didn’t do that she-she was all over me.” The cheerleader looks shocked.
“But-what happened to loving me?” She whispers.
“So what was I not enough for you? You stupid rock star!” He looks away.
“Harmony I didn’t do this. You should know I wouldn’t.”
“Really because that scene looked a lot like you wouldn’t!” I cry.
“We’re through!” The cheerleader yells then begins stomping off.
“We never went out!” Frey calls.
She turns with tears now in her eyes. “Now you’re lying about our relationship? I thought you loved me!” She shakes her head and runs off crying.
“But Blake?” Astrid still didn’t see the picture.
“Harmony please listen. I didn’t cheat on you. She was all over me I swear just hear me out.” Frey begs walking closer to me.
“No I’m not listening to a two timing bastard!” I yell.
“Just hear him out!” Kevin calls.
“Shut up!’ I scream. Frey grabs my hand.
“Baby please listen to me. I didn’t cheat on you I never have. I never would even dream of it. I love you.” I look away.
“Don’t call me that!” I cry as I lift my right hand and hit skin creating a loud slap. I look up at his face as he quickly releases his grip. He places his hand on his left cheek which was now red and no longer pale like the rest of his face. Tears formed in his eyes. “I don’t believe you.” He looks at the others.
“What are you saying?” As if he didn’t get it. I guess I have to spell it out for his dumb mind.
“We’re through!” I scream and turn around. The others were staring horrified at the scene. Astrid was crying as Blake held her. Desire had no emotion. Nyle and Ryder no longer had the sarcastic looks that usually take over their expressions. Kevin was shaking his head.
“I understand. I’m sorry Harmony.” I look over my shoulder as Frey runs into the crowd rubbing tears as they fall. I glare at the rest of the group. Astrid grabs Blake’s hand and pulls him softly in the direction Frey had run. He just stared at me blankly.
“Why didn’t you listen to him?” He asks. “He was telling the truth. You should know him better than that. He wouldn’t do that to any girl in this school no matter how much he hated them. What’s wrong with you?” He follows Astrid’s gentle pulls and they disappear into the crowd. Kevin doesn’t even meet my eyes as he follows them. Ryder looks away.
“Even I wouldn’t do that to a girl and I’m the player in the group.” Ryder runs after them.
“I knew this wasn’t going to turn out well.” Nyle sighs then pulls Desire along who looks at me blankly with an amused glare in her eyes. And just like that. I lost all my friends within the span of a minute. Why the hell would they run off to comfort him? He was the one that cheated. Some friends they are. I cross my arms and walk over to a table. All my friends. My boyfriend. I don’t need them.

The author's comments:
A huge romantic story about a girl trying to get back what she stupidly lost. Having to gain back everyone's trust and show the one she loves that who he has now fallen for is trying to use him. Will she get through to him or will he get his heart broken into two for the second time? Enjoy the drama and please comment. :)

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