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Fire Legend

October 5, 2009
By Gemeni BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Gemeni BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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A tall shadowy figure silhouetted against the white full moon that seemed to make the night dark and evil. It was an accurate statement. The figure was a tall elf. An evil one. Evil elves were rare. The elves often preferred to be good, yet quiet. They were rarely seen, unless there was the occasional young prince on a quest who happened to see the shadowy figure of one of them, or sometimes a prince staring into a lake who saw a beautiful face staring into the water.

Nevertheless, this elf was evil. His eyes were a deep, dark, shadowy blue. His hair was a deep, elegant blonde. It was a little bit longer than shoulder length, perhaps about its neat end by the middle of his back. He wore warrior elfin mail. He was tense, to say the least. He was probably waiting for someone, or something.

He suddenly spoke. His voice was cool, and crisp, like the night air. "Ready yourselves." That was all. It was a command to someone, or perhaps more than one person. Suddenly, two warriors stepped out of the shadows, both dressed in mail. They too were dark elves. His eyes suddenly shot down. The warrior elves were by far ready. There swords were already drawn. The ledge that the three elves had been standing on resumed its normal quiet.

Then, they came. A group of five elves. Dark elves, too. The elf in the lead wore chain mail, nicely burnished, so that it shone in the light of the crescent moon above. He resembled the other elf-in-command. There was, however, a scar on his right cheek, and, his hair was jet black, his eyes emerald.

"You brought quite a few guards, didn't you?" The question was poignant. The scarred elf glared. His fist clenched and unclenched, an elfin habit of venting anger. "You aren't exactly unguarded." He finally managed to choke out, through clenched teeth. The other elf just smiled. "You always must have guards, you know…" He left off. "You won't even use my name, you…" the other elf was now totally enjoying himself. "It hurts my tongue. You see, names like yours just catch my tongue, sting it… I really can't just utter a name and hurt my tongue in sacrifice, can I? Especially over something as insignificant as you." The other elf was upset. He was about to cry out in shear anger before he stopped himself.

He smiled evilly, drawing his blade. It flashed in the night. "You will pay for those words…" He snarled. "Your guards will too…" He turned, expecting to see the other elf's blade drawn and ready for use, but instead he saw nothing, but an empty ledge, clam and untouched. "Will I?" came the sarcastic question from behind. The scarred elf turned, blade ready, and saw a horrendous sight. Standing over the bodies of his four dead guards were the other elves. The scarred elf cried out as the golden haired one smote him dead.

The guards then crouched down and began rifling through the dead elves pack. Finally, they found what they were looking for. A small sleek stone, barely visible with the darkness still shrouding them. It was jet as the night, with an odd look to it. The guards smiled, though just barely. Then, they stood up, and walked back over to the golden haired one, their master. They handed him the stone wordlessly. He smiled an evil smile. "Good." He told them. "Very good…" The two elves nodded. Then, briskly, he turned and strode off, followed by the two guards.

Then, out of nowhere, there was a brilliant roaring, and fire flashed across the sky. A huge golden dragon shot above their heads, with flaming red eyes. I landed ahead of them, the soft, emerald grass crushed beneath its feet. The dragon snarled. A rider slid off its back, clad in golden mail. Muttering under his breath, he raised a hand, and a bolt of energy shot toward the lead elf, who was slain instantly. The two guards looked in fear at their dead master. Then, they shook off there shock and dropped into battle stances. The opposing figure drew an evil looking blade, and advanced slowly, the blade glimmering. The two elves charged.

The rider calmly and expertly blocked and dodged their every blow, making them look like fools. The elves kept up their relentless attack, finally, the rider struck with a series of lightning fast blows, knocking both elves to their knees, where they looked in horror at their opponent. His golden cloaked swirled about him, adding to his cruel figure. Then, he spoke. "I must say… you are good fighters." He said in a cold, dark voice. "But not good enough." He added. The elves now sent two spells his way, energy bolts. The nearby figure merely raised his sword, however, and stopped the spells, the blade flashing with the energy. Then, with a quick swing of the blade, he smote the two elves dead.

Now he turned his attention to the dragon, who had been watching silently. With a nod of his head, the dragon rose from its comfortable resting position and sent flames to the bodies. Thus the bodies were cremated… in mere seconds. Then, the dragon returned to its rider, and lowered itself to its knees. The rider got on, and took off into the dark that remained if the night sky, which had become a beautiful aura of colors, due to the nearing dawn.

The sky was painted with the colors if sunrise on that particular day. Colors streamed across it as though it was a painter's canvas. The boy who had just woken stared out of the window, and then headed down the white marble stairs which lead to the main hall. He had a tall disposition, and hair that was a coppery color. His eyes were a beautiful cerulean, and they held a look of wisdom far beyond his years. His hair was a beautiful blond. He wore a tunic of a plain cloth that was the color of a cloudless sky. His years were probably around 15. He crossed into the main hall, where some large windows were deep into the white brick wall, and he looked out. As early as he had risen, the sky was already getting brighter. Now he could see a speck of sunlight on the horizon. He now hurtled down the stairs, and collided with a pretty young girl who came from the opposite direction. Technically, this was the main hall, not the place where he had recently been.

The girl had blond hair and blue eyes. Her hair was stopped at about the middle of her back, and her eyes were colorful and full of a light. "Seltor…" she stated softly, gently. Grinning, she said, "You clumsy fool!" Seltor made a show of glaring menacingly at her, then, "Celeste… I thought you were my friend." Celeste laughed, and then said, "Let's go." The pair set off at a brisk pace across the main hall, chatting. As soon as they reached the outer courtyard, they stopped. Swiftly, Seltor drew a long blade. It was a rapier, with a pure silver hilt and studded with pure diamonds, white as small. Celeste did the same, a glittering blade. Hers was studded with sapphires. They started fencing.

The author's comments:
I started this piece a litte bit ago... I'm just not really sure if I like it... If anybody has a clue about what could make it better, please comment. Constructive criticism will be gratefully recieved... If you think that it's terrible, please feel free to say so. Thanks, Life Is Long But Goes Fast.

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