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Image of Heaven

December 6, 2009
By thesilverrose BRONZE, Richardson, Texas
thesilverrose BRONZE, Richardson, Texas
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"Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead." -Benjamin Franklin

I am walking though an open field, with tall grasses and rocks. I smell the sweet fragrance of lilacs and lavender near by. The birds are singing sweetly their songs. I feel the tall grass at my hands and the soft wind at my face and my dress, flowing around me.

I also hear the water of the rivers flowing peacefully and the waterfalls behind me. The mist of the water when I draw closer spray softly my face, it makes my pink lips form a smile. I walk further into the meadow and look up at the sky and it is clear blue like the water beside me with a hint of pearly white. There are silky white clouds here and there that make my silvery blue eyes sparkle. I hear voices in the distance and stop to hear them. Then I recognize them. They belong to my friends. I go over to where they are standing and laughing and playing all the different kinds of instruments. We are all clothed in satin dresses in multiple shades of blues, white, silver, purples, greens, yellows, oranges and reds. I look over on the other side of a stream and there are my other friends. They join us and they too are majestically clothed. The sun shines brightly in the day and when it comes night the stars are about us and they glow ever so brightly. When the sun comes up again we once again start singing and dancing. We go out and collect fruits of every kind to eat. We also have milk and honey. We see then in the distance horses coming this way. They are beautiful and strong. They lift us on their backs and take us wherever we please. The grasses are greener now than they were last. We all notice that the grass is beginning to stop and there are patches of coarse, white sand everywhere. Soon enough we hear waves crashing down on the shore. We get off the horses and start wandering around, collecting shells of every color, shape, and size. The rocks we come across are smooth and warm. We are hungry again so we look for food and find more fruit a little ways off. While we are eating we listen and notice there is a voice in the wind. The voice is speaking Hebrew and is canting from the Torah. We sit there all day at the shore and listen. At the end when the stars are shining even brighter than last time we saw them, we start a little fire and sleep. Yet the voice in the wind is not silent and we continue to listen to the voice when we awaken to the sound of the crystal blue waves. We travel back to the meadow and still hear the voice. And yet the farther we go in to the meadow, the louder the voice is. It is very soothing. The butterflies come by a land on the flowers near by and an occasional bee buzzes by. We look at the shells we gathered from the sea shore and exchange turns looking at each. The does and their fawns come out and leap across the meadow. The rabbits come out as well and jump around. We all go over by the water to sit down with out bare feet in the rush. We see friendly fish colored light, golden yellow and orange, and pearly white. They are gorgeous. It grows near to the time of Shabbat and we sit down on Friday night to have our Shabbat dinner. My best friend does the Kiddush (blessing over the wine.) We all raise our glasses and shout, “L’CHIAM!!! TO LIFE!!!” I look back and thank G-D for what He has granted me with and for His ever-lasting love and protection. Adonai truly keeps His promises and gives His anointed shalom. (Peace).

The author's comments:
I have always loved writing short stories, even when I was little. I love this piece because it gives me an image in my head of what Heaven will be like someday. Although I’m sure that Heaven will be paradise beyond this.

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