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Kisses of a Beast part 2

February 14, 2010
By adristar96 SILVER, Miami, Florida
adristar96 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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When we finish Lexy is already bouncing on the bed screaming, giggling and laughing. “I can’t believe that actually happened! He actually kissed you.” I smile “Oh calm down Lexy it was only on the cheek.” Lexy and Valerie plop down on the bed “Well at least it’s something. Plus you have a date tomorrow.”

Their eyes get wide like grapes and they speak in unison “What are you going to wear? Oh we need to find you something to wear.” They start freaking out when I whistle to get their attention, “You guys I have something to wear do worry about it.” Valerie looks at me “Are you sure because you’ve been the worst outfit picker I’ve ever known.” I seem annoyed, but in reality I‘ve never really picked a normal outfit; everything I wear is usually weird looking “I can handle it I know just what to wear and what to do on my hair.”

In the morning, I fixed my hair and I picked my outfit. Well if I do say so myself I look hot, I smile as I look at myself in the mirror. I decided to wear a navy blue tank top with a white skirt and navy blue tights, which by the way I never worn before until today. I pulled my hair up in a ponytail and put some makeup on. Normally I would just wear anything I can put on and I never wear make up unless it‘s eyeliner.

I asked my mom for a ride so I didn’t mess up my appearance. When my mom saw me for the first time, I could have sworn she started crying. My mom always wanted a girl who loved make up and cared about her appearance, “Oh honey you look so hot! So you do have a figure under all those rags you call clothes.” I stare at her annoyed “Mom can we just not talk about it, please?” “Ok we’re leaving.”

My mom drops me off in the back of the school. I spot Valerie and Lexy waiting for me. I walk to them; Lexy glances at me and does a double take. Her eyes get as big as a watermelon “Oh my Alexandra Nicole Malory is that you!?” I laugh “Hey guys so how do I look?” They whistle “You look amazing!” exclaims Valerie. “Well I think she looks HOT!” Lexy yells. “Well I’m glad you guys like it.” We start to walk to the front of the school.

As we get into the front of the school everyone starts to stare at me. I keep walking and every guy checks me out whispering to each other “Who is that? Where did she come from? That girl looks familiar.” I walk to my locker and I spot Adam. “Hey Adam what’s up.” He looks at me and smiles “Nice clothes. So are you are ready for after school?” Some girls stare at us giving me hard looks. They whisper among each other “What does he see in that girl?” They walk away. I look up at Adam; he looks away uncomfortable “Are you ok Adam?” He looks at me again “Yeah I’m fine, I have to go but I’ll see you after school,” He walks away. I close my locker and walk to class.

After school I walk to the parking lot and spot Adam by his car waiting for me. My heart jumps as he flashes his beautiful smile at me. He opens the door for me when I get closer to his car. I glance at Valerie and Lexy giving me thumbs up. Adam drives off; he keeps his eyes on the road. “That’s a nice outfit you put on there Alexa.” He tries not to stare to much, getting him really uncomfortable each time he does stare. I look up at his distant hazel eyes looking at the road; “I’m sorry if I did something wrong.” To my surprise he starts to laugh, mostly forced “ You didn’t do anything wrong Alexa.” I sink down in my seat kind of embarrassed “Well then why are you acting so weird.” He tries to deny it “What are you talking about Alexa I’m just fine.”

I stare at him kind of annoyed “Where you weren’t acting like this yesterday.” He stares at the road getting kind of annoyed. He simply states “Well I’m not acting weird.” We stay quiet for a long time. I stare out the window and he stops at my house. I grab my things and start to walk out of the car. He grabs me quickly, he pulls his face close to mine. I feel his breath on my neck start to accelerate.

He whispers in my ear “I’m sorry Alexandra.“ He forces himself to let go “ I’ll pick you up tomorrow Alexa.” He looks into my eyes compassionately, but with some wildness in them also. His eyes start to turn red “I have to go.” He races off down the street. Shills roll down my back, That was so creepy. I walk into my house where as usual no ones home. I do some homework and fall asleep around 10. That’s where the eerie feeling comes back.

Chapter 4

Breathing hard, I look at my surroundings. I spot a wolf with yellow eyes walking toward me. I just stand there as it gets closer. With each step I get more terrified. It finally stops a few feet in front of me, its eyes are red now. The wolf walks into the darkness. It comes back out, but its not a wolf. Out comes from the darkness a young man with hair as black as the night. His large sharp fangs stained with blood and his blood shot eyes staring at me with such intensity it terrifies me into trying to run away . He smiles evilly “Hello Alexa its nice to finally meet you.” He jumps in front of me and pulls me toward him “Or should I say its so nice to eat you.” His fangs come close to my sweaty neck. I start to scream and everything turns black.

I wake up from my nightmare, hyperventilating and my clothes damp with sweat. As I regain my breathing, I walk to my bathroom. That was such a weird dream. I take a shower and get dressed in a decent Crimson red shirt and jeans. I’m not going all out today. I get my things and walk to school.

As I get to school I wait for Valerie and Lexy. They come up and greet me. “Hey Alexa, I was your date yesterday?” They giggle and sneer which stops as I tell them what happened. “What his problem!” Lexy yells as I finish my story. I’m not sure but I’m planning to find out today.

We walk inside and wait for Adam by his locker. “Where

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