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Perfect Tomorrow, Today

March 29, 2010
By nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
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Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.

I wished that my heart would shut up. I must have already looked like a mess. I didn’t need my nervousness to be audible too.
Still it continued to pound against my chest. So hard that I could hardly breathe. I told myself that I wanted to be here, and that I could leave if I changed my mind. Yet, I didn’t listen to myself and I was near panic attack when they called my name.
“Susannah?” A stunningly beautiful man called. He wasn’t the first perfect person I had seen, but hearing him call my name from his oh so perfect lips was like nothing I had ever experienced before.
I stood up to quickly and almost fell back down to the fake leather chair that I occupied moments ago. I was in a waiting room like no other, except that this waiting room promised to change my life.
“Are you ready?” The perfect person asked. His eyes were a bright shade of blue with green near the center.
I nodded while saying. “Yes.”
“Follow me please.” He said and turned around. He walked back through the door he just came out of. He held it open for me.
We were in a hallway with too bright florescent lights. Pictures of people that were too incredible to be real hanged on the walls.
“Susannah, this way.” He said to me when I stopped to gape at one picture.
I away from his wide, perfectly centered, all seeing eyes. He led me through a double door marked “Surgery”.
“Hello.” Another amazing and dazzling person said. She was the same height as the man who led me to her office.
“This is Susannah Reeth.”
The too perfect woman turned to me. “Hello Susannah,” As she spoke the person who brought me here walked silently out, “I am Dr. Smith. We here at PTT welcome you to be one of our members. You must have seen from meeting some of members what perks the PTT has to offer.”
I stared at her blankly while she waited for my response. “Um, what does PTT stand for?” I asked, stupidly.
“Perfect tomorrow, today.”
I blinked twice. “Isn’t that redundant?”
Dr. Smith smiled. “Susannah, have you noticed that the members of PTT are beyond the ordinary in any way?”
It must have been how they look. Every person that I have seen in this building looked like they were a model. No, even more beautiful. “Do you mean their looks?”
“Exactly!” Dr. Smith said. “At PTT in return for working with us you get to have the most perfect appearance. Beyond perfection.”
She stared at me waiting for me to respond. “Are you recruiting me?”
“Yes, you have a great intelligence and we at PTT wish to have you join our numbers.” Dr. Smith was smiling at me. “You are provided with a surgery that grants you those perfect looks. You’ll never get acne again either.”
“I… I… I don’t think this is for me.” I said slowly.
Dr. Smith looked shocked. “What?”
“No thank you, Dr. Smith. I am quite content with my life and my looks.”
A screened lowered behind Dr. Smith. It was a large T.V. On one side of the screen was my face. I was half smiling and I wasn’t looking at the camera directly. My red hair looked frizzy and untamed. My acne was half hidden by my freckles. I had crust in the corner of my too small eyes. My eyes were just a ordinary brown.
On the other half of the screen was a girl who looked a little like me, but extraordinarily different. Her hair was perfectly smooth and hugged her face in all the right places. Her eyes were wide and bright. They were green. That girl still had freckles, but they seemed to be put in the perfect place on her face. There wasn’t any acne to speak of or crust at the corner of her eyes. That other girl was a magnificent image of me.
“Don’t you see what we can offer you?” Dr. Smith said.
“No thank you. I appreciate the offer, but I really don’t think this is for me.” I said trying to be polite, but also wanting to be out of her office.
I turned away from the screen and walked away.
Some might find the idea of being that type of beauty tempting, and as Dr. Smith showed I was the first to turn it down. I won’t lie. I found the offer very hard to resist. That is until Dr. Smith pulled out that screen.
When she did that, I knew that I didn’t want what she was offering. I had no doubt in my mind that she was lying.
The thing is, while I don’t love the way I look, I don’t despise it. I actually like the way my hair gets frizzy and curls. The crust in my eye is easily whipped away and my brown eyes toned down my red hair. The freckles were part of my face and their arrangement was sacred to me. I wasn’t worried about acne, because I knew in a couple days it would disappear.
But what really made me change my mind was that the perfect image of me wasn’t smiling. That picture of me just didn’t look happy. I realize that it was just a computer image, so I could be happy if I wanted to be. Still, I looked happy in the picture they showed me, but not in the one that was made to bribe me into their PTT.
Of course I am going to stay with the one that looks happy.

The author's comments:
Sorry if this isn't sci/fi, but i figure that a surgery that makes you beautiful is sort of futuristic.

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