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April 21, 2010
By Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
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Killing pathogens by sonic destruction of their specific chemicals, a sonic or electromagnetic wave specifically tuned to a chemical in a pathogen would cause that chemical to break down at a molecular level causing it to lose its functional properties.
Electromagnetic laser, like a microwave only better, would be used to beam power directly to receiving objects. Using the same principles as a wireless phone charger only a longer distance and more power.
Electric jet engine, works like a duel tesla coil motor (or servo) except that instead of a spindle the blades themselves would transfer the power.
Multi focus line processing, a specifically designed circuit would processes each specific kind of data then be combined into one coherent line of data an extension on parallel possessing. A pattern of “data waves” is established and a different processor is assigned for each part of the pattern.

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