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New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2010
By mrose13 PLATINUM, Petoskey, Michigan
mrose13 PLATINUM, Petoskey, Michigan
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"Be yourself, unless you suck" -Joss Whedon

The many festive lights did not detract from the dark beauty of the night. Valentine swept a golden brown wave that had escaped her half braid behind her ear. Her hazel, almost green, eyes swept the crowd, always watching, always wary. She slunk among the others, weight low, leather boots making no sound on the street.

“Happy new-year, belle.” The man’s voice was sweet and addictive. The only things darker than his hair were his eyes. She turned to him, also playful.

“Hullo, Jasper. The same to you.”

“Red shirt, black boots… your outfit’s rather ostentatious, isn’t it? I can’t believe James approved it.” His blue gaze didn’t leave her eyes, to inspect her outfit. Jasper wouldn’t have been Jasper if he couldn’t memorize a target’s clothing.

“And I’m sure Mr. Harkins wouldn’t like you calling him by his first name. Plus, Lawrence, who won’t mind being called only Lawrence, said we could wear what we want because of the celebration. Plus, I’m sure white, long sleeve blouses aren’t inconspicuous.”

“It isn’t a blouse, the sleeves just happen to be a little puffy.” Jasper was indignant as the two made there way through the cheerful streets. “What can I say, I can’t wait until I’m a high enough level I can dress myself. I feel like I’m back in kindergarten.”

“Being assigned clothes makes you feel like your back learning the ABCs and playing at feudal politics during recess?” she laughed, it sounded very right in the crisp December, soon to be January, air.

“It makes me feel powerless.” Jasper was quiet, brooding. Valentine reached out and took his hand in hers.

“We really aren’t you know. We chose this side, and to do so we had to discover a war that shook our beliefs to the core. Then we were forced to choose based off only our own morals, no one gave any advice. You and I, we are some of the most independent, powerful people in the world, and we’re getting better. I’m almost an independent operative, and Lawrence loves you. Even James is nice to you.”

“I guess your right.” He stopped and looked around; his slight look of revulsion didn’t mar his angular face, “Let’s get out of here. It smells to much like people.”

Valentine laughed again, but nodded. They turned into a secluded alleyway. Jasper went first, sprinting at the wall, he wedged his foot into the corner and pushed off, flying to the opposite wall. He kicked again, jumping to the left.

There he wedged his fingers in, dug in his toes and climbed. Valentine did the same, following his path for the most part. Jasper waited for her, feet dangling off the edge. He was much more relaxed up here, more free. Once she was met up with him, the two took off, racing across the roofs.

The wind whipped through their hair, making their eyes sting slightly in the cold. A good pain of excursion flooded through their bodies. Soon, their destination came in sight. It was a favorite of hers because it was church and you could see everything from it. He liked it because you were away from everyone and the wind was fresh.

When they reached the old tower, they helped one another. Valentine would give him a boost; Jasper would pull her up when the hold was out of her reach. Finally they reached the peak of the roof.

There they settled, bracing their feet on the slanted roof was natural, and the height didn’t worry either in the least.

For a time, the just admired the sparkling world below them and the dazzling one above. Eventually, Jasper turned to Valentine.

“There is one thing we can choose now, you know.”
He spoke, expression odd.

“What do you mean?” Valentine’s heart beat excitedly in her chest.

“I love you belle.”

“Same to you, Jasper.”

They leaned into one another and fireworks broke the stillness.

The author's comments:
This piece is set in the same world as The Joys of Being Irresponsible. As you can see, James and Lawrence Harkins are referred to. It takes place a little bit after The Joys of Being Irresponsible.

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on Jan. 5 2011 at 5:02 pm
mrose13 PLATINUM, Petoskey, Michigan
22 articles 1 photo 24 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Be yourself, unless you suck" -Joss Whedon

I'm glad you liked it. How did it compare to its predecessor? 

amjmtk1 said...
on Jan. 4 2011 at 11:04 pm
Wow. Tight, vivid and real. Loved it.