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Mother's Day

May 7, 2011
By weirdone BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
weirdone BRONZE, Aurora, Illinois
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The cloudy sky, the pounding rain, and somehow today was mother’s day. Angela, (some call her Angie or Ann) awoke with a start. She felt the cold hands of her son as they wrapped around her aching ankle. Oh how she hated waking up like this. She felt the urge to arise from her tomb of covers and strangle the little boy before her. This little boy is B.J. An angel to others but a crazed one to his family. He stood as if this was nothing in the world to him. He was oblivious to the fact that his mother before him was fused with anger. Once Ann calmed down, she slowly got up realizing that she smelled the wonderful scent of breakfast. This was a day where she could rest and forget about the troubles of being a mother.
Grudgingly making her way to the bathroom, she noticed that her head felt a bit lighter. This was a woman with extraordinary long, thick, and gorgeous hair. Slowly pushing her hands to her head, she realized that there was nothing there. She freaked. Running down the stairs like a scared monkey, she ran into the kitchen and saw a terrifying scene before her. There, her family was sitting down eating toast, bacon, eggs, and whatever else she couldn’t make out. To her right was a woman. She had long black hair and it was placed in a ponytail with a small red scarf tied around the front. The woman was her. Ann’s head spun around trying to figure out if she was dreaming. How could she be looking at herself when she was herself? She heard her daughter Barb; refer to this lady as mother.
Something wasn’t right about this situation. How could this scene be real if her son came and woke her up this morning? With a start, she realized her son was right next to her watching the family of four before them. He didn’t seem concerned by this. He acted as if this was a daily occurrence. Hurriedly, Ann ran down into the basement and saw her husband Brad, typing away at his computer. So now there’s two of him? She thought. He turned to her and wished her a happy mother’s day. He gave her a hug and her son nonchalantly gave her a hug also. Feeling something was missing, she wondered where her daughter was. She asked and they didn’t know either.
She took them upstairs to show them the family of four still chatting away at the table and her husband seemed to not care. She asked who they were and he replied with a sharp grunt. She didn’t ask anymore knowing the outcome of this conversation. Ann sat down in the family room and stared at the scene before her.


She was awakened by something cold. She felt a cold breeze as it hit the side of her leg that was dangling off the side of the bed. Knowing that she will not wake to anything, she got up wondering what it was that was strong enough to wake her up. She slowly walked into the bathroom to relieve herself. After washing her hands, she took a look in the mirror and saw that her face was covered in small black dots. Her figure was distorted and her hands seemed smaller than she remembered them being. Not giving a rat’s care about how she looked, she walked to tell her mother that something was wrong.

Making her way around the banister, she saw that the front of the house was missing and before her was the outside world. It was black and the stars were touching the ground. They seemed smaller on earth than they did in the sky. There were people with children walking aimlessly around and they were allsilent. For an instant, Barb remembers that today was mother’s day. How she had a chance to think of that in this situation was unknown to her. She was a curious person and had to find out what was going on. Walking down the stairs, she saw her family and another girl that looked like her, grabbing coats out of the front closet. They made their way out the exposed wall and joined the crew of people. Barb, realizing that she must be dreaming, continued into the rest of the house and banged her head right on the basement door. A daily occurrence, this didn’t even faze her. Looking around the corner, she saw her mother transfixed on something before her. When Barb turned to look at there was nothing but food left on the table. She walked over to her mother and asked what was wrong. Her mother just looked at her in shock and wondered if she saw the family of four.

Barb wished her mother a happy mother’s day but she didn’t respond, just stared at her. She walked outside and felt a strong pull to want to join the others. She knew that something wasn’t right and that if she went along with them, something bad may happen. Straining to follow, she went in the opposite direction. Ahead, she saw a group of women panting over something on the ground. Walking over to the group, she pushed her way in and saw a heap of a slimy unknown creature with arms that looked like a starfish. Its head was in the shape of a heart. There were words coming out of its mouth and hovered in the air. They read “Happy Mother’s Day”. It was some kind of trance. Any woman with a child was forced to stop and moved along in a process that lasted three minutes.

Because of the limit, she was not affected by this trance. Suddenly she felt the same breeze that awoke her this morning. Floating before her was a creature that was barely visible and the only thing connecting its mouth to its face was a pair of eyes. They were the color blue. So blue that they made you think there was an ocean in the sky. They looked directly in the face of Barb and her heart turned ice cold. There was no denying the fact that her body has now become theirs. She turned abruptly and walked in the direction of the crowd.


Still staring at the empty table, she felt a rush of curiosity. She walked out of the house and saw a crowd of people moving in one direction. She decided to follow them. Up ahead, there was a large ship the height of two Sears’s towers and the width of six baseball fields. People were stepping on and disappearing. Angela, knowing she questions everything, was shocked at herself because she didn’t care where the ship took her; she just wanted to get away. The world she lived in was full of murder, chaos, and immorality. She just got tired of it. She was also a woman of insomnia, so sleep was something that was lost in her life.

Boarding the ship, she stops and looks around and takes into account the black sky. There are small stars lying on the ground and they look as if they’ve been stepped on. Where is God, she wondered. The world is in destruction and nothing is being done to stop it. As she was getting close to the ship, she felt an urge to continue on without going back. One foot on the deck, then the other foot. Inside was a world unknown to any human. Ann was scared and ecstatic. It was like heaven on earth. Samuel

Samuel is the head master of this abduction. He chose mother’s day because he knew that this was the time where everyone would either be together as a family and no one would be separated. His planet is in chaos and they need humans to copulate and create a new kind of creature to keep their planet alive. They are also a smart race in their own way. They have new waves of scientific intelligence and they can find a way to save their planet. He also placed fake versions of families into each house to ensure that if anyone was left behind, the world would still seem the same. But, the families have no emotions because they are just holograms.

He personally reaches out and helps each individual into the ship. They have no idea what they have in store for them.


The palms around her reminded her of when she used to stay in California. There were oranges hanging off of every tree and she felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Walking over to touch them, she trips over something furry. On the ground were her cats, Keeper, Sister, and Alex. She began to cry. Confusion swept over her like a storm. Then, she heard something shoot out of the ground below her. She was trapped. Something loud and large got a hold of her and trapped her inside. It was a metal container and gas began to infiltrate and suddenly, she was knocked unconscious. Samuel

He came up with this incredible idea to lure people on without any hesitation. He created a world for each and every person. Anyone who stepped on would experience a world with everything they love and also everything they’ve enjoyed in their short little lives. They were hopeless in his eyes but he wanted them to feel love.

In a short instance, he saw a woman. She was a light skinned black and was in a daze. He instantly knew that he might have a lot of trouble with her. She looked like an observer and one who knew something before it happened. She was gifted. That’s one he has to look out for he thought. Moving on to the next set of people, he realized that something maybe malfunctioning with his projections. After that lady passed, everyone else saw the ship for what it really was; a lie.

Dear mom, I created this short story personally for you. It should remind you of how wonderfully made you are and all of the things that God has in store for you. He loves you and we all love you. Just know that when you do something or when you go somewhere, the truth is exposed. Good is separated from evil and you are the light that brightens everyone’s world. You change things. At the end of the short story, Samuel knew something was wrong as soon as you stepped on. All of his evil plans were ruined. His desire to steal the human race has now been drained. This is the battle between you, God, and the devil. You can do it and you can make it through
Happy Mother’s Day.

The author's comments:
I dedicate this to my mother. she is going through a deep depression and she suffers from insomnia. Happy Mother's day mom.

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