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The Stranger

August 25, 2011
By vyosttt SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
vyosttt SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
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A long, drawn-out howl echoes in the distance off screen. Everyone’s head turns in the direction of the howl, and see a hulk of a man stride out of the neighboring forest as if he owned the land. As the stranger’s brisk pace brings him closer to the group of undead, fangs extend in warning; like a cobra’s hiss and flared hood. The male werewolf simply smiles. In the blink of an eye, a white-blonde wolf is totting on all fours where the tall, dark, handsome man was smirking just seconds ago. Once the new arrival is close enough for comfort to the bloodsuckers, he is standing on two feet again, and grinning like he just spilled a monstrous secret.

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