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Dazanian Chapter 1 Part 2

August 31, 2011
By SomethingCalledTerra SILVER, Budd Lake, New Jersey
SomethingCalledTerra SILVER, Budd Lake, New Jersey
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Chapter 1 Part 2

The city was overrun. Bodies were everywhere, and dried blood coated the cobblestone streets. Jayna took in a sharp breath and looked away from the carnage, her bright red hood hiding her eyes. Aran, having seen worse, eyed the massacre with an angered expression.

Whoever did this will pay dearly; this city is under Guardian protection He thought. Then, Aran and Jayna both heard shouts and slapping footsteps on the damp stone. They turned their heads to where the sound was coming from, an alleyway leading to another part of the city. At least six black-hooded soldiers with cheap leather armor and short swords rounded the corner to the alleyway, and charged at Aran and Jayna.

“Dark Riders! THEY were the ones who murdered everyone!” Jayna seethed. One of the Dark Riders reached her and swung overhead with his sword. Jayna parried with her Elfwood staff, this tool has seen her through difficult times in her time as a Guardian. The dark-colored, sturdy body and red-jeweled tip have become an extension of her form. She then struck her attacker in the head with the jeweled end of her staff. He crumpled to the ground in a heap. Jayna then summoned up a wall of flame to ward off her other two attackers while she conjured her next spell.
Aran was similarly engaged with three assailants who were sizing him up. Aran drew his long-sword from its scabbard and flipped his helmet mask down. The grip was leather and felt natural in his hand. The blade was made of cold steel and could slash and stab efficiently. One Dark Rider lashed out at him, Aran blocked the attack and swung upward; the sword connected solidly and cut a deep gash. The Rider stumbled backward screaming. Another Dark Rider leaped at Aran, who drove his sword at the Rider. The blade sliced through the leather armor and pierced deep; the Rider stopped abruptly and fell back to the stone. Aran tugged his blade out and brought it around in a swinging motion, catching the remaining soldier unaware and cutting a deep gash in his chest. The last Dark Rider dropped to his knees and then to the ground.
Aran wiped the blood off his blade looked toward Jayna. She had successfully stopped the other two attackers with her wall of flame and was now murmuring a new spell. She brought her hands together in a clapping motion and the wall of flame expanded outward and engulfed the last Dark Riders. They momentarily flailed as the flames seared them, then dropped to the ground and stopped moving. Jayna stepped over the sizzling remains and strode up to the Rider she had struck with her staff. He was rolling around on the floor and clutching the side of his head. She waved Aran over and spoke to him in a hushed tone.

“We need to find out why Serus was raided.” She whispered. Aran nodded and eyed the Dark Rider with disgust. He kneeled and grabbed him by the collar of his armor. Aran balled up his fist and punched the Rider in the gut. He shot up and gagged. Aran shoved him back down.

“Why did you raid Serus?” Aran demanded in a frighteningly calm voice. Even Jayna was slightly shocked at the lack of emotion in his voice, usually he wore his heart on his sleeve; and Jayna could read him like a book. Now he was veiled. The Dark Rider looked straight up at Aran and spat on him. Then, Jayna could see pure hatred in his eyes. With a quick flash of white armor he punched the Rider in his nose. The Rider’s head snapped backward and he grabbed his nose. Aran then punched him with his other hand in the mouth. The Dark Rider spat blood and teeth and then spoke

“I will tell you nothing except this. The Great Lord has plans for this world. He will turn it into a paradise of darkness!” The Dark Rider cackled maniacally and attempted to get up. Jayna acted fast and slammed her staff into the Riders neck. She heard a sharp crack as his neck broke and he died. Aran smirked.

“I thought you were a fire mage, not a warrior.” He jeered

“Part of mage training is knowing the anatomy of humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs. That spot on the neck is a lethal blow to them all, if administered with enough force.” She replied calmly. Aran chuckled to himself, but didn’t answer.
I’ll just stick to beheading, he thought. They followed the path they took into the city, occasionally seeing a flash of movement or an echoing sound. Aran had his sword out at all times, ready for whatever might come their way. Though nothing did, both he and Jayna remained tense walking back from the city center. As they exited the city Aran shut the gates of Serus one final time and murmured a prayer. He then began packing up his gear and hopped onto his horse.

“What is our next move?” He asked Jayna

“Possibly to head to Destin, we can inform the Council of the Dark Riders’ actions here. They will know what to do.” She replied and mumbled a quick spell. A man-sized hole in space and time sprung up before them. Inside the portal was an image of Destin’s cathedral; a massive stone structure with ornate stained glass windows portraying past heroes of the Guardians. Aran recognized some of the heroes instantly, but others he was not familiar with.

“Come. We must warn the Council immediately.” Aran said, walking towards the portal. Jayna nodded and smiled at Aran as she stepped through the portal. Being a soldier, Aran much preferred riding to Destin than taking using a mage’s creation. He shrugged off thoughts of worry…and stepped through the portal.

The author's comments:
Your going to want to read "Dazanian Wars Part 1 Chapter 1 before you read this. As it explains Aran's and Jayna's situation.

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