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January 6, 2012
By Pretzel..Dream GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
Pretzel..Dream GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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I'm trapped. Trapped. No way out. Here forever. No not possible! But it is I've been here for ten years. They won't give up ever . Not Them.

I moan everything is stained in blood even my once gray hands. They say I'm mad they do I'm not mad. They are real. They are real even if no one believes me. They have brought me missing papers my missing papers. They are real They are real even if they don't believe my letter's words. Real!

A sound. Distant wailing They are coming. I scream trying to blend in with the rest of the orange eyes someone grabs me pushes me behind them. I sigh. Safer.

Then one of Them opens the door we shriek and climb over each other in attempt to escape the light. It's visible flesh is black its eyes aren't eyes they're holes drilled into its head that have been filled with fire its tusks are worse covered in mold yellow, mold giving no hint to its true color. I am scared no less scared than the day I was first taken at age three.

“Which among you goes by the name Mart Eleego?” it asks obviously a male.

I nearly gasp. That's my name it is! I shiver no one else moves they know it be me.

I open my cracked lips, “I be Mart.”

It smiles to reveal pointed teeth coated in blood, “Then come.”

The others release they're breath they've been spared this time. But one day it will be they're turn, this they know.

I turn away from them and it pushes me through the door. I'm grabbed by another one of Them this one's face is melted and I shiver. The first one turns and bolts the door I see one last glance of the only family I have had in ten years there is no pity in their eyes only happiness that its me not them.
The one that's holding me drops me and stabs my back with a spear that is already coated in blood. When my own blood spills it wipes it on to the spear greedily and brings the spear to its mouth.

“Hah,”says the first one, “how does that Vadmin's blood taste Hort?”

“Delicious. Sir Pinky, here try some,” Hort passes the spear to Sir Pinky. Ha Sir Pinky such a beast named Sir Pinky. I laugh out loud.

“Walk,” says Sir Pinky and he stabs me.

I jump forward. Scared again trying not to scream.

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