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Love Travel In Time

June 4, 2012
By arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
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Jenny Carroll and Steven Farrell, a simple couple living along the California coast where they often take long romantic walks. It was a warm, sunny day when Steven took Jenny on another walk down the coast. Suddenly, he stopped halfway down the beach and had an obvious shy smile across his face.
“Steven, what’s wrong?” Jenny asked.
“Jenny,” he said softly. “I love you more than anything in the world. Will you marry me?”
Jenny’s eyes filled up with tears. “Oh Steven,” she sighed. “Yes.”
He slipped a diamond ring on her finger and stood up.
“Our romantic wedding will be in a space ship,” he announced.
“A space ship?” Jenny asked.
“Sure, why not?” Steven responded. “After all, it is the future.”
“You’re right,” Jenny said.
“Do you remember what it felt like when we first met and fell in love?” Steven asked.
“Not really,” Jenny replied. “We’ve been together for a few years now. Why do you ask?”
“Before we start the next chapter of our relationship, I want to remember and relive when we first met,” Steven said. “So I thought we could time travel.”
“Oh,” Jenny said. “With a time machine?”
“Exactly,” Steven responded.
He took her hand in his and they walked to the only museum in town.
The time machine they came to was a big, carriage shaped ride. It was big enough for more than one person and could fit into a store with nice boutiques.
“The year is at 2010, which is right now,” Steven explained. “Let’s set it back to 1980.”
A blast of loud noise came from nowhere and they were suddenly soaring through time, watching the years zoom by in front of their eyes. Next thing they knew, they were in the year 1980, the year they met. It was a sight to see for both of them as they watched the younger versions of themselves form a tight friendship. Then at their high school prom, it was a night that they realized they were meant to be and the first they said, “I love you,” Steven said in unison with the younger version of himself.
“I love you too,” Jenny mimed herself.
As they held hands on the drive back to Jenny’s house, they saw at that young age they were clearly smitten. The kiss was only on the cheek, but it was clear it was a memory to last a lifetime as the current Jenny and Steven saw.
Many dates followed that night as it was a growing relationship only leading to the day Steven would ask the love of his life to marry him.
Back to the present they traveled in the time machine and the loud blasting noise roared again as they traveled forward to the time they were living in. As they prepared for the biggest night of their lives, things got complicated.
As much as they wanted that happily ever after, somehow not all things could be agreed on. Couples aren’t always shown as the perfect pair and in upbeat, happy moods. Jenny and Steven turned into a bitter, fighting monster couple.
“Steven, why are we getting married in space?” Jenny moaned.
“I thought it would be romantic and you agreed to it!” Steven cried.
“Well don’t you ever care about what I want? Maybe try and put me first?” Jenny cried angrily.
“I always put you first,” Steven told her. “I want what’s best for both of us.”
“Oh well isn’t that great,” Jenny shot back. “This is so much pressure. I can’t take it!”
She threw her ring back at him and stormed for the door.
“Jenny, where are you going?” Steven asked.
“To live with my friend Anna,” Jenny yelled over her shoulder. “I’ve had it with men and their moods.”
She ran out of sight and despite how steamed he felt, Steven felt sad standing in the house all alone. This was the first time since they had met that they’d gotten in a fight and he never knew what it felt like to not have her at his side…until now.
He slumped around the house like he couldn’t do anything. He was alone.
Then a week after their fight, Steven dragged himself to the museum and sat in the time machine. He cried and cried until he pushed some buttons on the machine. The loud blasting noise threw him through time until he came into the future…if he had one.
He heard wedding bells coming from the church and he went inside. It was a beautiful wedding. Jenny came out and looked so gorgeous. But when Steven looked down the aisle, it wasn’t him down there, it was her other crush she had told him about…Gabe Summers. He was tall and sort of handsome. But this wasn’t right! “I object!” he cried. But no one could hear him. He wasn’t actually there.
When the wedding had ended, he saw himself actually be the last to leave.
This isn’t supposed to happen. He thought. I’ve got to make things right.
Back to the time machine, and back to present day.
When Steven raced over to Anna’s house, he heard laughter and peeked inside. There he saw her. Looking as beautiful as ever. He hesitated, but knocked on the door.
The door opened moments later.
“Oh, Steven,” Anna muttered. “What a surprise. My beloved best friend showed up in tears at my door only a week ago and it was all because her fiancé was being a selfish doofus.”
“It’s nice to see you too Anna,” Steven replied. “Can I speak to Jenny please?”
Anna disappeared and Jenny came to the door, arms crossed, and ready for an explanation.
“Okay Jenny, before you yell at me, just let me explain,” Steven said. “I felt terrible about our fight only seconds after you slammed the door. Then I went to the museum and into the future where you married Gabe Summers and I was just a lonely man. I need you in my life and all I’m asking is for you to forgive me.”
Jenny stepped towards him and wrapped her arms around him in a hug. Steven put his arms around her waist and sighed.
“I’m sorry too,” she whispered. “I guess we both overreacted but I forgive you.”
He slipped the ring back on her finger and kissed her gently. Everything was right again.
A year later, 2011, was their wedding in space. The spaceship was lined with everything they prepared and all their family and friends came to celebrate the happy day. The aisle was lined with red roses and as Jenny walked the aisle, a playback of their growing relationship was shown.
They went through their vows and exchanged rings. At the exact time the video showed “I love you,” that was the exact timing.
“I love you,” Steven mimed the video.
“And I love you,” Jenny said.

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