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The Evil

January 30, 2014
By skyblue95 PLATINUM, Bear, Delaware
skyblue95 PLATINUM, Bear, Delaware
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I am paraphrasing, of course. "My only fear is that when they are turned to loving they will find we are turned to hating." -Reverand Msimangu, Cry, The Beloved Country (a book by Alan Paton)

“How do you know what should be done? You cannot even see what you are fighting against!”

“No, but I do know how often they kill.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The Drygioni kill exactly three human beings every full moon night. Their number never deviates from this.”

“Where did you get three?”

The room fell silent. No one knew what Helia was talking about. There had been no news update. The FBI had not released any announcement regarding the number of murders. There was one possible way to know this number. The only way to know was something no one spoke of; it was an abomination in the eyes of every Wrach. It was an abomination, but only to those who had never done it.

“You know where I got that number,” Helia whispered. The other members of the fagad fell back in shock. The air was thick with disbelief; hands were moving to cover mouths open in horror.

“You joined them.” It was not a question. Peresis turned away from her sister and walked towards the grand hall. “You are no longer a member of this fagad. Get out.”

“How can you kick me out like this? I have treated you and this fagad with the decency and respect you both deserve. I love every one of these girls! I intervened with the Drygioni. I did it to protect everyone, and I saved your *ss!”

Peresis stopped in the middle of the hallway. After a moment of awkward silence, she turned to face her sister. “No one likes a martyr.” With a flick of her wrist, Peresis opened the front door, levitated Helia and flung her through the open door and out of the Center.”

As Helia looked up at the black building in all of its glory, she felt a weight lift off of her shoulders. She had told them, finally. They knew what she had done.

“I love you sis,” she whispered to the closed door and her relative behind it. “I am so sorry that I brought them. I am so sorry that you have to die.”

The author's comments:
This is just an excerpt from a book that I am thinking about writing. Honestly, the idea just popped into my head and cranked out this little scene. I'm thinking about turning it into the first thing the reader reads when they open the book. The rest of the book will be a "One Week Earlier" flashback kind of thing. Let me know if it sparks your interest and makes you want to read more! Also, helpful suggestions/tips would be great!

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