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God has a plan for everything!

December 26, 2008
By Anonymous

On a cold morning by the docks of Michigan, were two best friends. They had known each other since birth, and had gone to the docks everyday before school. But on one unusual day, Leah was sitting alone by the docks. Waiting for her friend Mary to arrive, but there was no sign of her. Leah decided to get up and walk over to the school, Mary must be over there thought Leah. But when Leah approached the building, a crowd of people was surrounding it. Leah pushed through, and walked up to a Police Officer. "Excuse me sir, can you please tell me what happened?" asked Leah. "Sorry little girl, Were not authorized to give that kind of information." He replied. "Well you don't understand, I go to school here!" argued Leah. "Okay listen, all I can say is a girl about your age was shot here last night," replied the officer. Leah froze, her face turned as white as a ghost. "Sir...that was, my best friend." cried Leah. She ran passed the crowed trying to hold back the tears. "God, why would you do something like that?" asked Leah out loud. She ran faster and faster, "If a God like you would do something as horrible as that! I don't believe there is one!" yelled Leah. All of a sudden a huge gust of wind hit Leah, knocking her to the ground. She layed there, are slowly closed her eyes. "Wake up child, wake up!" yelled a voice. "God?"asked Leah. "No, Jedidiah!" replied the voice. Leah opened her eyes, and to her surprise a black man was directly above her. She sat up and looked around. The trees were all knocked over, the school was crushed, and all the houses were torn apart. "What happened, and were is my mom and dad?" asked Leah. "Well now little girl, don't you know there was a terrible storm! and everyone died along with it. But you see a bunch of us fokes moved in! and have our own colony." said Jedidiah. "O no! how could this happen." said Leah. "Listen, you are welcome to stay with my family." said Jedidiah. Since Leah had no were to go, she followed him into a little shack. They approached a women and two kids, "this is my wife May, and the baby Jedidiah Jr. and my little girl Martha May." said Jedidiah. They all looked at Leah with a warm smile. "Now Martha May, you show Leah here to her room." said Jedidiah. Martha took Leah by the hand and lead her to a small room. "It isn't much but it's all we have." said Martha. "O..it's fine." replied Leah. She sat on her mat, and looked around the cold dark room. The walls were made of bricks, and there was a small window, and a wooden dresser. Leah layed down, wondering how she got here. But later that evening, Leah sat down with everyone, and they ate mash potatoes and chicken. They all seemed so happy, even thought they had nothing. So they ate up, and were all sent to bed. Martha walked into Leah's room a gave her a candle. "You okay?" asked Martha. "Yeah...yeah I'm fine." replied Leah. "Okay well, tomorrow were going to church. So if you want you can borrow my dress." said Martha. "O thank you, but then what will you wear?" asked Leah. "The Lord will provide, but you go on and borrow my dress." said Martha. So Leah excepted and went off to bed, but she was so astonished at the fact that even thought Martha had nothing, she knew the Lord was going to provide. So the next morning when they all sat in there seats ready for church, Leah noticed that there wasn't many people. The preacher came up, and taught about God's grace and Love for us. After the service Leah still sat there thinking, God has a plan for everything. Leah had a good friend and was happy, but these people who had no friends, and no money were even happier. That Day Leah knew that Mary died for a reason, and that reason was to show Leah that you can have nothing and still be happy, cause the Lord will provide. So all was well, Leah had woken up one morning and was back in her old room again. And was happier than ever!


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This article has 2 comments.

Shelley B. said...
on Jan. 12 2009 at 2:56 am
A very beautiful message, good job.

I do agree with PK4evr, try writing in paragraphs to make it clearer. Besides a few mistakes, it was a wonderful read. Good job.

In Christ,

Shelley B.

PK4evr said...
on Jan. 9 2009 at 10:53 pm
I loved this story!

I have one suggestion: try writing in paragraphs, because I found it really hard to read. Otherwise, I liked it a lot!

God bless,