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Welcome to Chaos

January 4, 2015
By Yoela PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Yoela PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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"My powers stretch over the horizon and work even when my eyes are closed"

Something peculiar was happening in the sky. Formidable clouds growled to the east and west, leaving a hopeful stripe of blue sky between. Sunlight streamed from the blue band onto the green foliage and set an unnatural sheen over the earth. The odd light blinded the darkness, and shadows shimmered and glowed as they danced in the wind.

She was kneeling in a meadow beside the lake. The water was calm, lying quiescent in wait, beneath the waning blue. She was directly beneath the bright summer sky, and pointedly ignored the murk on either side.

You would be frightened of her. She had one violet eye, the other blood red. She wore a sleeveless, white summer dress, despite the December chill. With a child’s wonder, she gazed at a butterfly in her palms. Laughing, she threw the out-of-season creature to the breeze and tumbled to her stomach.

Her dress stained with a grassy green. She didn’t care; it was just another useless item passing through her existence. Her feet had long since lost their shoes to the demanding meadow’s whirling dance. Her face held a glancing beauty known only in the innocence of childhood.

She rested her cheek on her hands and closed her eyes. A wind howled beneath the shadows, bringing a dizzy drizzle with it, but her blue-skied haven was left untouched. No sound of bird call delighted in the treetops, and there were no signs of any other living creatures. Everyone was hiding from the looming storm. Except for her.

Suddenly, her eyes flashed open. With a gasp, she began moving as if in slow motion. She raised her head and stared intensely at the ground in front of her. Reaching out, she grabbed it and flung herself onter her back with a shattering scream. She clutched it to her chest, heaving sobs. Her furious tears streamed into the hair that lay fanned out around her. 

It was dead. It did not die peacefully. She looked at the world that she clutched in her palms. To you, it would appear to be a pebble or a blade of grass. But then again, you humans were never capable of seeing the natural beauty in your earth.

She trembled as she sat up, kneeling, and watched her tears flood the destruction in her hands. She was looking at you. Your house. Your country. Your world. She sobbed, and it was your fault. You killed it. You killed the plants, the animals. You killed each other, the earth, the world, and ultimately, you killed yourself.

She looked until she could not bear to look any longer. She saw the blood, tears, greed, terror, and destruction that eradicated the human race, and their home. She saw the chaos and fear, hatred and murder. And she wept.

Her hair was soaked in a furious roar that shook torrents of rain from the sky. The storm clouds swallowed her last breath of hope, and engulfed her dreams. The wind bit at her face and ripped at her hair, while buckets of water fled the heavens.

Her tears got lost in the rain. Images of sorrow and bleeding filled her mind. Her violet eye turned red. Her laughter died. Her waterlogged dress burned to a smoky black. Her face sharpened to a knife edge point. Her hope withered, and with it, her childhood suffocated. She turned into your world; she became a merciless, lifeless force. You created her. You should run. She is coming for you.

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