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The Beginning Of Dragons

July 29, 2015
By DarastrixKamati BRONZE, Carrolls, Washington
DarastrixKamati BRONZE, Carrolls, Washington
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The Elders tell of a time long before them, before their elders and even before the eldest dragon alive today blew across the sky, there was a time, when dragons were stones.
They say that when the dragons were stone, there was no light, no fire, no clouds. There was nothing in the sky at that time until one day a dry storm blew in, unnoticed and unseen by the Dark Creatures who were made of a shadowy substance. The storm flashed a sudden, powerful, single bolt of lightning and dispersed never to be seen again. The particles of the storm were of an alien race, and they had put all of their energy and even their very essence into this single bolt of light, and simply ceased to exist.
The lightning bolt traveled down, down, down through the air, vaporising everything it touched. Dark Creatures and anything else that had life fled away from this frightning substance with the exception of one great demon like animal. This one creature had sense the disturbance in the air, and went forward to investigate. Deep into the canverns the demon raced after the lightning bolt, following the rough trail that it had blazed. The dark creature came closer and closer till the lightning bolt was in sight. This Dark Creature, who when it came into being, was called Zortaff, ran as fast as the flashing lightning aand finally, finally caught up with it.
But did this lightning bolt stop? Oh no, still deeper they went, and in time Zortaff felt an uneasy feeling gnawing at him. They were blazing threw an already dug mine where rocks and stones were collected using the medieval Pulth Magic. By using Pulth Magic, Dark Creatures got the essences of the rocks and stones and turned it into whatever they wished.
Now as many of you know, though I will humor the ones who don’t, Pulth Magic is an extremely difficult, nigh impossible branch of magic. This magic can only be done when you are in your truest state or essence. You then with a mighty push of will power, can change another essence. However doing so either saps up your essence along with the other, or puts you right back at start while taking something equal to the cost of the essence with you. All in all, a bad idea.
Dark Creatures though, can change certain innanimate objects with the effort of cutting down a large tree with a blunt knife.
Zortaff knew with a pang of anguish that the light was heading toward the semi-precious stones, the ones that Dark Creatures can meld. What Zortaff didn’t know was that these semi-precious stones held the unborn dragons. What Zortaff did know was that he couldn’t let anyone come near them, they were so special to him.
Nearer and nearer they thundered by, Zortaff gradually pulling equal with this racing ball of light. Abruptly the light halted. They had entered a cave hollowed out to exhibit the stones. They were covered in a living glass which crysallized the stones in a thin but durable covering. The lightning ball almost seemed perplexed. It stood assessing the situation. The ball apparently decided that force would be the best option so he rammed the glass in rapid succession.
Each time it hit the glass cracked more and more. The dread that had held Zortaff’s body frozen had let go and was electrocuted into action.
He jumped in front of the ball of the hurtling ball of light and braced his outstretched arms for impact. Closing his eyes he wished the same thing over and over again: please let me live, please let me live, please let me… “LIVE!”
He had screamed this last word out as the unexpectedly heavy ball of light knocked into him. His wall of darkness that he conjured had made some sort of gloves to protect him from the searing light. He threw the ball against the cavern wall. The ball blazed and clicked in anger. It was going to achieve its mission no matter what it took to get there.
Once more the light hurtled toward the glass and once more Zortaff braced himself against the impact. This time as he clutched the ball, he saw that the light was peeling away his protective darkness covering and they touched without anything between them. Instantly a thought connection was made.
Why are you trying to destroy the stones? Zortaff pressed.
I will not destroy the essence of dragons, came the otherworldly voice surprisingly high for something so big.
What… what are you doing then?  A wary confusion made Zortaff suspicious.
I am issuing the light that will revive them. They are part of my kind.
Why are you here? Why are you trying to destroy everything?
All that was destroyed will be rebuilt, all that was killed will be reborn, all that is not now, will soon be. The infuriatingly calm voice was grating on Zortaff’s nerves.
What? No I don’t want to know. What will happen if you get to the stones?
An image flashed in his brain, of a creature that will bring all things into being, and replace the shadowy uncertainess with distinctive bright animals. The creatures will burn everything down with dark fire, and with light will regrow everything. 
Oh. Alright then. Is there anything I can help with?
A feeling of surprise and then gratitude enveloped him.
It will be hard. You will sacrifice everything, the light warned.
I am proud to save my brethren.
The lightning ball melted in half, one half entered the stones and lit them all up bringing out the colors in a bright light. The other half went down Zortaff’s throat. Fiery agony flamed through his very being and solidified his body into a creature that was neither earth nor air, his body was black as coal but his chest was ablaze with an inner light. He let out a roar like thunder and lightning snaked through the air. Blackness scraped at the edges of his vision, trying to get through. He realized that he had to get in the stones before he… well, he had to get there.
The stones were like melted wax as it came over him obscuring his vision as he fought the urge to breathe. The stones hardened and it was over. Then a light flared from his open eyes and cracked through the stone. It blasted apart and the shards turned into tiny versions of him but with the color of their stone. In the middle of the shards stood a statue. A statue of light and darkness. A statue with blazing white eyes of trapped lightning. A statue of the first dragon.

The author's comments:

Dragons are neither Good nor Bad, dark nor light. They are dragons. I really think that that should explain everything.

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