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Nerd is the Word - Epilogue

May 30, 2016
By Blackjack. GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
Blackjack. GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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"Take a lesson from "the Greatest Man That Ever Lived," Austin Aries. The ambition and vision of one depends on how bad@ss they look in sunglasses." - Me, 2017

"Who is this Jose, and why is he always being denied?" - Corey Graves, 2016

(We then cut to the outside of a prison in Seattle, with a lighthouse swirling a spotlight in all directions. Then white writing appears on the bottom reading “TWO DAYS LATER.” We then cut to the inside of the prison where Dylan, Evan, Christian, Lewis, and Khalil are now seen in prison uniforms walking. Then Evan’s and Dylan’s voices narrates.)


Evan (v/o): After our little trip to Seattle, things hit rock bottom REAL fast!


Dylan (v/o): We were taken to court for our “crimes” in all the states we visited, and now we are charged with life imprisonment. Although our town of Suffolk actually tried to start a petition to release us since we were “defending” ourselves against the Mafia, but they didn;t get enough signatures.


Evan (v/o): So now here we are. But Ryan isn’t here, in fact, none of us KNOWS where he is.


Dylan (v/o): He’s probably chasing after some girls he may have saw on the streets.


Evan (v/o): Likely, but back on topic, we seemed doomed… until…


(Evan sniffs the air, then looks out the window and sees something. He then snickers knowing something. Then the cops stop the Herd before opening the doors to the cell units of the prison.)


Cop: Any last words?


Evan: Well first I must say. It’s been a pleasure traveling around the USA, seeing things we may never see again. Meeting new people, even fighting them.


Khalil: Yeah, we shot guns, we made it rain.


Lewis: Blew up some sh!t, play video games.


Christian: Although we may have killed innocent people without knowing, it was still a blast to do all these things. But it’s a shame this trip had to end on a low note.


Dylan: Yeah. We never got to conquer Russia!!


Evan: Sad isn’t it, but all I can say here is…. BOMB VOYAGE!!!!!


Cop: What?


Evan: *to Herd* GET DOWN!!


(As the Herd follow his orders. Loud explosions are heard through the prison as the cell units and the entrances soon explode then the outside is seen exploding massively as the camera shakes with force. After the cutscenes of the exploding jail finish, all their left is rubble and smoke. Then the hands of the Herd are seen as they get up and cough.)


Khalil: What happened here?


Lewis: Looks like our luck HASN’T ran out. But who implanted the bombs?


Christian: Hmm, there is only one man that could have done this!!


Dylan: The name that strikes fear in us all as well as his explosions!


Lewis: No… not HIM!!


Khalil: The one…


Christian: The only…




(Then loud honking is heard from the RV. Then the Herd turns around and sees Ryan climbing out from the RV’s sunroof.)




Dylan: Wow Ryan, you’re on a roll!!


Christian: So guys, are we gonna stand around, or are we gonna get back home?


Lewis: I agree, we must return and tell our tale!!


(The Herd goes on board of the RV, Ryan gets out from the seat and Khalil takes the wheel and starts the RV. Soon, the beginning of Sevendust’s “Crucified” starts playing as Khalil hits the gas and the RV zooms away from what’s left of the prison.)


Dylan: So… Where’re we going next?


(Then the main score of “Crucified” starts playing as the screen turns black as the end credits start scrolling upwards. After a while, when the song finishes and the credits stop. Then screen remains black as two angry mafians walk in, one of them being Ignazio.)


Ignazio: Wow, I can’t believe we’re the only mafians left!!


Mafian: Yeah. Should we attempt to recruit more and reborn our organization as leaders?


Ignazio: Hmm… It may be a lot of work, but I think we can!


Mafian: Excellent…


(A thud is heard.)


Ignazio: What was that?


(Then Evan drops on the Mafian with Ignazia and beats him up in Cluck-Fu. Ignazio fights back, but Evan swings his rubber chicken in his face and straight kicks him back. Evan then swings around his rubber chicken around making japanese noises, then he notices the camera, and offers his rubber chicken to the audience.)


Evan: You guys wanna play with my c*ck?


(Then something drops on Evan’s head and he gets knocked out. The camera zooms out and shows large with letters lighting up and being held by ropes. The letters spell out “FIN” with Evan lying unconscious next to the ‘N’. Then after six seconds of footage, the screen turns static for a second before turning black, resulting in the end of the film.) 

The author's comments:

After their little "encounter" with the mafia in Seattle, the Herd has now be apprehended for their crimes across the country. Now they'll be forced to remain their for life... or ARE they?


Anyway, as you might've read in the title, this is the LAST scene of Nerd is the Word, so that means I am DONE!!


So, I just want to thank irl Dylan first for helping me out writing this hilarious story. Then I want to thank irl Ryan, Lewis, Christian, and Khalil for giving out ideas and letting me use them as characters. And most importantly, I want to thank YOU ALL for your support, comments, and esspecially reading this screenplay. It truly means alot. So anyway, until then, see you all next time!

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Great ending!