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Please Hear Me

February 20, 2017
By AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
AfricanKing DIAMOND, Warner Robins, Georgia
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Setting- A typical school building consisting of red bricks, and many class rooms, but we'll focus on one particular class. This class has about fifteen-twenty students, but there is one student that is different from the others. The teacher'd aid stands in front of his desk repeating whatever the main teacher says, because he is deaf. The teacher is calling students names, they are being paired up to do their English projects together.


Teacher- Reid (pause) and Cyle! (Pointing at each of them)


( Reid looks over to the left at Cyle, who also glances at him. The class bell rings, and everyone gets up to leave.)


Friend of Reid's- See ya man, have fun (patting him on the back)

Reid- mmhmm (he watches everyone walk down the hall with their partners)


(Cyle walks up behind Reid and taps him on the shoulder. Cyle is carrying a marker and dry erase board with him. He has a pleasant look on his face)


Reid- Hey (waving his hand)

Cyle- I can read lips, but I'll write my reponses here. (writes on the board)

Reid- Cool...So, do you want to go to your house and work on this thing?

(Cyle nods his head smiling)


Setting- Cyle's fairly large house. In his room. Reid and Cyle are both sitting in front of Cyle's computer.


Reid- (Turning to face Cyle) So basically, we're suppose to write an essay of why people don't understand others, and what we as people can do to understand other people different from us. I'm not really sure where to start. 

Cyle- (Writing on the board) Well people don't really understand me at school.

Reid- Oh yeah, how?

Cyle- (Setting the board down and using sign language, and his real voice) At school, they don't try and understand my language.

Reid- (eyes get wide) Wow...We have two weeks to finish the paper. What if I tried to understand your language, and we can say that you have to "try" to understand people in the first place. Like you said, people don't even try.

Cyle- (smiling, nods his head, spelling out with his fingers) Okay


" Different scenes depict Cyle teaching Reid sign language. Cyle holds up flash cards, and he takes Reid's hands and makes signs with them. Reid gets increasingly frustrated, because he is having difficuly comprehending the signs. Cyle has a tape recorder, and he has Reid record the sign before performing it with his hands."

-- At Cyle's house

Reid- Ugh! I suck at this (trying to sign something with his hands)

Cyle- You just need more practice (signing and talking with his real voice)

Reid- I have to get home, but I'll come by tomorrow, and we can work more on the paper. You can also teach me more signs, I guess (grabbing his backpack and heading out the door. He stops before he's all the way out the door, and he looks at Cyle) Thanks for your patience (smiling)

Cyle- (waves) You're doing great with the signs, see you tomorrow. (smiling)


(Reid walks out. Cyle still sitting at his chair starts fumbling around with the tape recorder. He accidentally pushses the record button, when he bends down to pick a book that Reid had left. He gets back up, sighs, and sets the book on his desk.)

Cyle- (Having a blank stare on his face) I'm falling in love with Reid. (The recorder picks up every word. Cyle gets up and heads downstairs to the kitchen. His mother is there. She looks at him and she starts to sign at him.)

Cyle's Mother- Come with me to the store, I could use some company. (She says enthusiastically)

(Cyle nods and follows his mother out the front door)

-- Reid's house. He is talking to his sister in his room.

Reid's sister- You've been spending a lot of time with Cyle, Reid.

Reid- Yeah Lynne, and?

Lynne- Are you guys good friends?

Reid- Yeah....I suppose. He's really cool (says nervously)

Lynne- (Smiling to herself) If I didn't know any better, I'd say you have a crush on him, with the way you're acting (obviously joking around)

Reid- (eyes get big) Look, I forgot my book at his house, and I'm going to go get it. I'll be back (obviously irritated)

( His sister gives him a strange look as he runs out his bedroom door. You can hear the front door slam behind him. Reid gets to Cyle's house, and he knocks on the door, nobody answers though. He walks around to the kitchen sliding door, and he slides it open. He walks in nervously and runs upstairs to Cyle's bedroom. He sees his book on Cyle's desk, and he goes to grab it. The recorder's red light shines off and on. Reid clicks the button.

Recording- I'm falling in love with Reid

(Reid stares at the recording in awe. He looks as if he doesn't know what to think. Holding his book, he runs out of the house, slamming the sliding kitchen door, and he also takes the recorder with him)


-- The Next Day

(Cyle is in his room, and his mother walks in)

Cyle's Mother- Where's Reid? (signing at him)

Cyle- I guess he's running late (signing, with slight disappointment)

(His mother nods and goes back downstairs. Cyle gets up and walks back and forth around his room. Then, Reid comes in suddenly and he throws the recorder on the desk. Cyle looks at him, with a little bit of fear and confusion in his face)

Reid- Look, I didn't understand a lot of those signs you taught me, these past few days. I did understand this one though " I...(pointing at himself) his arms at his chest) at Cyle)

(Cyle smiles so big as his eyes lighten up)

The author's comments:

I really hope you read and like this screenplay! This is another script that I hope one day is a short film on Youtube.

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