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April 23, 2021
By living-dead-girl-666 PLATINUM, Coffeyville, Kansas
living-dead-girl-666 PLATINUM, Coffeyville, Kansas
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The roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The demons run circles
Round and round inside my head

Chapter 1



My Aunt Jessica was waiting for me in the parking lot of the airport. I haven’t seen Jessica in person, since Marcie Blake-Covey, my mother, passed away when I was about three years old. That was about fourteen years ago. I don’t remember much about my mother, but I do remember that she was obsessed with the zodiac signs. Specifically, the Leo which was funny because her birthday was in December. I am the Leo - which means I was born in August - in our messed-up family. My birthday is August tenth. 

September is a lot different in Norwood, Alaska than it is in Kansas. Right now if I were there, I would probably be in shorts and a belly shirt. Instead of a hoodie and jeans. My aunt drives an old silver Volvo. I have my own savings account to get a car, I’ve been talking to Aunt Jess and I sent her a picture of a 2014 red Handa. I love it and it’s in an amazing price range, It’s only ten thousand dollars. 

I saw her in the parking lot. My aunt looked like my mom, at least from what I saw in the pictures. She had long brown hair that had faded out of the beautiful blond color it used to be, now it only had blond highlights in it, it was very thick and curly. She had a pear-shaped body with a heart-shaped face. She wore a long sleeve shirt with a vest over the top and dark blue jeans.

“Hey, Aunt Jess,” I said with a tired expression.

She got out of the car to give me a hug and help me with my bags, “Hey girl, oh my gosh, Neko, You are so much more beautiful than the pictures show me.” She looked at me with sorry eyes. “I’m so sorry about your dad, are you okay?”

My dad passed away a few weeks ago because of a heart attack. His job was very stressful, he was a surgeon for a nearby hospital, not in the same town that we lived in but the town over and he had been a volunteer at the elementary school of our town. The thought of him made me recoil from my aunt but I felt bad right after so I quickly hugged her back before her feelings got hurt. She was sensitive when people left her. I know that because she is my best friend, even though she used to be thousands of miles away, we face timed and texted each other all the time. She was the only woman in my family so I had to talk to someone in my life that knows how to be a girl, I mean Jessica is a busy person, as the only person who owns a dinner in the whole town, there is a lot of work to do.  I told her that I would work there for some extra money.

“I missed you a lot, and I'm okay but I will miss him”, I said with a failed smile. 

On the drive to my new home, I decided that it was a good time to learn my classes. I pulled out my phone and went to the email I got from the school. My classes went Math, Trig, Science, Homeroom, History, Gym, and then after lunch, my final two classes are Art and Language Arts. Gym is required in all semesters at my new school, and let's just say I am not graceful at all. 

“So Aunt Jess, how are things at the diner?” I said with a hopeful smile to make a conversion. 

“Well, we are doing very well, so that I thought I would get you that car that I showed you through email.” She peeked at me with one eye to see my reaction. 

“Well, that wa- Wait. What, you got me a car? OMG. Thank you! You are the best. I love you so much. Thank you so much.” I am so happy half school would be horrible if I had to walk three miles and the other half was I really am trying to avoid people as much as possible even though it’s “healthy” to have friends and be social. 

“Oh, thank the gods I thought you would be mad at me or something. I am so happy that you are happy.” She looked so much more relaxed and released. 

“Of course, why would I be mad?” I cocked my head to the side.

She shrugged “I guess I thought you were more like your mom, She hated when people got her things and spent money on her.”

That was one thing that my Dad did tell me about my mom, he didn’t like to talk about her much. My Dad was never a man of many words. 

That was pretty much it for conversation. When I got to my new home my aunt showed me to my room. The room was small, it had light green walls, two windows, and the windows had thick black curtains. There was a bed that was small, but it’s not like I am going to be sharing it with anyone, anytime soon. 

The window in my room was facing a dark forest that my aunt lived close by.  I knew that she lived by one. I just didn’t know that she lived so close but is our backyard. 

I know that I will be at home alone most of the time, so it will take some getting used to.


Chapter 2

First Days

I woke up the next morning ready to start school tomorrow, I wonder what it would be like being the new girl and all.

“Good morning, Neko.” Aunt Jess was already making breakfast for us.

 “Good morning,” I said, still a little sleepy. “Did you sleep well?” I could tell Aunt Jess was definitely a morning person.

  “Uh, yeah I slept well, what’s for breakfast? It smells good.” My mouth started to water.

“Oh, I'm just making some pancakes. Thinking about topping it with some whipped cream and some fruit.” Aunt Jess was a really good cook. 

My mouth watered at the smell of it all I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning.

“That sounds so good” I was ready to eat.

 “So are you ready to go to school tomorrow?” she asked handing me a plate with 3 pancakes on it. 

“Yeah, but I’m just a little nervous.” It was true I was really nervous. Aunt Jess hands me a bottle of whipped cream and two bowls of fruit.

 “That’s nonsense you’ll be making friends left and right Neko.” I spread the whipped cream on the top and in between each pancake then I topped it with the small bowl of fruit.

“Thanks, Aunt Jess.” I think Aunt Jess really believes in me. Though I pretended to be excited, I was really scared. I didn’t know if anything bad would happen or if I would make friends. I’d hoped that Jessica didn’t see me through.

The day was pretty boring but I decided that I wanted to decorate my room. So I went to the store and got streamers, lights, posters, hooks, a shelf for my clothes, nails, a hammer, buckets, and a laundry hamper. I also bought accessories for the walls. 

It was really hot in Aunt Jess's house so I opened the window facing the large forest. I thought I saw someone out there but I knew I was being radicalized.

Chapter 3


I was nervous to start school, especially after what Aunt Jess said. I ate my breakfast, it was french toast with powdered sugar. I got dressed in my outfit I’d been saving for when I went back to school, A white dress with long sleeves that went down to my knees, it had pink flowers all over it. White tights with my black strapped flats. I put my hair into two low pigtail braids and tied them with an elastic and put a flower in each braid. 

I grabbed my backpack and I started off to school. When I got there I had to go to the main office so I could get my schedule.

 “Well, hello Miss can I help you?” The secretary seemed nice. 

“Um, yes actually I need my schedule.” I wondered what it would look like if I had my nose on the piece of paper, plus I already had my schedule on my phone but I don’t think we’re allowed to have them out.

 “Okie dokie, and what’s your name?” She had a hint of southern accent, she must not be from around here either.

“My name is Neko, Neko May Blake.” The secretary looked something up on her computer and printed out a piece of paper

“Here ya go, sweetie.” She handed me my schedule and a map of the school, as I walked to the door I tried to memorize it.

“Thank you,” I replied and with that, I tried finding my first class.

 “Mrs. Monterey room 442,” I read my schedule aloud. They have 4 floors in this school, this will take time to get used to. My last school and only school I had ever been to only had one floor.

On my way to her class, I bumped into a boy. This boy looked almost familiar. He was very tall and muscular, his hair was really blond, his skin was very pale but at the same time, it had a goldish color to it. This boy's eyes were the reason I felt like I knew him, the eyes were grey with the slightest bit of fire orange. He is so beautiful. 

“Neko?” The gorgeous boy whispered.

“Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I said, still wondering how he knew my name.

“No, my apologies.” He said as he stared straight into my eyes, his voice was soft and smooth.

 “Um . . . I am Neko.” I said, my voice a little shaky. 

He smiled suddenly it was a little crooked and blinding but beautiful. 

“I am August. Lovely to meet you.” He said as he swiftly walked away.

I couldn’t speak. I know him from somewhere, I was sure of it, but where?

 “I better get to my first class.” 

I started off to the third floor, when I got to the top of the stairs on the third floor there were two kids standing there, a boy and a girl. They looked like complete opposites. The boy gave off a bright and cheerful personality, he had blonde hair too with green eyes and was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt with a sun on the front and a jacket. 

The girl kind of scared me. She had on a black knee-length dress with a lace rime at the bottom and red buttons down the front all the way to her torso. She had red tights, too, with black boots with red laces. She had long hair that went down to her knees and some went in her face, and she seemed to have red eyes. As I walked by them the girl whispered something to the boy and the boy looked at me with a weird face. Then he walked up to me.

 “Hello, I’m Aiden.” He said with a wave.

“And that is my twin sister, Altalune.” He pointed at the creepy girl. 

“Oh, hello I’m Neko.” Altalune walked up beside him and whispered something else in his ear. Aiden gave her a stern look and smiled at me.

“What’s your first class?”

“Um . . . Mrs. Monterey,” I replied uncomfortably. Altalune kept staring at me.

 “Altalune has Mrs. Monterey first too.” He replied.

 “Why don’t you and Altalune walk together.” I didn’t like that idea very much, she looked like she was about to kill me. Altalune whispered one more thing in Aiden's ear and walked up to the first floor.

 “I better get to class,” I said and waved goodbye to Aiden. 

“Yep, see you soon.” I started walking upstairs but I didn’t see Altalune, Which was more than fine with me but it had only been 5 seconds before she left.

I finally got to the fourth floor and I looked for room 442. It was 3 classrooms down from the stairs. When I got to class the bell rang just after I entered. 

Mrs. Monterey came over and asked me to say a little bit about myself or at least state my name in the front of the room.

“Alright, class we have a new student” Everyone looked at me.

 “Why don’t you say a little about yourself, hun?” 

I got a little nervous so many people were staring at me. 

“Uh, Hello my name is Neko May, and, um. . . I’m from Kansas.” 

Mrs. Monterey showed me to my seat and of course, it had to be by Altalune. 

Chapter 4


At the end of class, I was about to leave when Altalune walked up to me and blocked my way. The teacher had left so it was just us two in there, She looked like she was holding something behind her back. 

“H-hi, A-altalune” I stuttered a bit and I was kind of scared. Just then Aiden walked in.

 “ALTALUNE!” Aiden yelled her name but she didn’t turn around. She kept her red eyes fixed on me.


 Now Aiden sounded angry. I started to walk backward toward the wall on the other side of the room from the door. Altalune followed me, keeping her back away from me.

 “ALTALUNE DON’T!” Aiden ran up behind her and took the thing behind her back.

 “ALTALUNE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! WERE YOU GOING TO STAB HER WITH THIS!” He yelled angrily at her and then held up a pocket knife. I got scared, more scared than I already was. She could have stabbed me. 

“Neko, I’m so sorry,” Aiden said, sounding a little worried now. Just then August walked in.

 “AIDEN, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT!” August walked up to Aiden and took the pocket knife. 

“Wait a second, this is Altalune’s.” August sounded confused. “What’s going on here, Aiden, how do you have Altalune’s knife? She doesn't let anybody even touch it.” August looked more and more confused.

 “Altalune had it behind her back and started walking towards Neko with it behind her back,” Aiden replied nervously. I wondered why Aiden was nervous, considering August isn’t as big as him. 

“So don’t ask me. Altalune has the explaining to do with what she was going to do.” Aiden added. 

“ALTALUNE? What were you going to do?” August asked. 

She said nothing and grabbed her knife back and walked out of the classroom. 

“Again, sorry Neko,” Aiden hollered back as he ran after Altalune. August walked up to me but stopped at a distance. 

“Neko, You okay?” He said as he dropped his bag on the floor by his feet. 


I was still shocked after all someone did just try to kill me. 

“I’m sorry Neko. Altalune, well she, she has an odd knowing." Altatune trying to kill me, and August talking to me like he’d known me my whole life.

I needed to know what it was. I have a plan.

The author's comments:

Instead of writing this piece under books/novels, I decided to write it in short stories to have more fun with it. Because I'm not finished with the story yet. I am writing this story with a friend and she said I could post it here. So, this is not just my idea.

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living-dead-girl-666 PLATINUM, Coffeyville, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
The roses are wilted
The violets are dead
The demons run circles
Round and round inside my head


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