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The day Jenna went missing PART 2

May 10, 2021
By living-dead-girl-666 PLATINUM, Coffeyville, Kansas
living-dead-girl-666 PLATINUM, Coffeyville, Kansas
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   We reach the campsite 30 minutes later. "Rave, Wake up" Zach said shaking me. "We are here!!" Jenna says excitedly. We unpack everything and set up the two tents. "Jenna, You excited" Leo asked. "You get to spend a WHOLE week With my insults non-stop" I said laughing. After we ate dinner an hour later we got our swimsuits on. "Who wants to come with me to jump off the cliff" I say pointing at the cliff. "Are serious, You could get hurt babe" Zach said. "Raven are you crazy" Leo and Jenna said together. "Fine then don't, but no one is stopping me" I said running up to the top of the cliff. "HEY WAIT" Zach said running up after me. "I'll go with you if you insist on jumping" He said. Jenna and Leo were already in the lake swimming and splashing around. Zach and I reach the top of the cliff. "You seriously going to do this Rave" Zach asked wearily. "Yep!" I yelled as I jumped off. "RAVE" He yelled jumping after me. I fell into the water a few seconds before Zach."Rave are you crazy, I didn't think you would actually jump" He said. "Well I guess you were wrong then" I replied sharply. He swam over by my side and hugged me from behind wrapping his arms around my stomach. Jenna and Leo swam over. "It's starting to get dark" Leo said. "So" Jenna and I said Laughing. "Don't you think we should be getting ready to go in our tents and sleep" He replied back "Noooo" Jenna said. "Well then you two can stay out here but we are heading back" Zach said. "fine" Jenna said heading back with Leo to the tents. "Are you coming Rave?" Zach asked me. "You can go, but I'm staying a little longer" I replied. "I don't want you to be alone, So I guess as long as your here I'll stay" Zach said. A couple of minutes later we started heading back to the tents. As soon as Zach zipped up the tent I started to change. Zach kept staring at me. "Do you have a problem?" I said laughing. "No, It's just.. Do you know how beautiful you are" He replied back. I blushed. I always blush when someone gives me a compliment. He kissed me. "And smart" He kissed me again. "And kind" "funny" "passionate" He kissed me after every compliment he gave. 

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part one is a little slow but I hope they will get better over the course of the story

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