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Imaginary Friend

February 11, 2022
By adair3583 SILVER, Greenville, South Carolina
adair3583 SILVER, Greenville, South Carolina
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“My son is at that stage now, where he has an imaginary friend.”

“An imaginary friend? Oh lord, you know what imaginary friends do, they end up getting mad and cutting up their parents in their sleep.”

“No Cheryl, I think it's sweet they do everything together.”

“And I think if your son starts drawing weird things and saying I see dead people, you should run, like far away.”

“Haha, no seriously, I think we all had the imaginary friend stage.”

“Now when your house starts shaking and doors start slamming and everything goes all poltergeist on yo a** don't say I didn't warn you”

“Cheryl, you're too much, like yesterday I came home and he was digging in my purse, and I asked him why, he said his friend needed some money.”

“Either you gotta ghost or your child's little friend is just a reason for him to start scamming you for money. They start young, I'm telling you.”

“We have got to set up that play with Eldon and your little girl Miyah that we've been putting off.”

“Oh no, if your son is having his imaginary friend over, we will not be playing any “paranormal” activities, okay?”

“I don't want my daughter around that, your son has one time to talk to the air and I'm drop kicking that little sucker. If your son is having any inch of a child-time crisis, we will not be enduring any of that, period”

“Oh Cheryl”

“I mean it Tiff, black people don't survive instances like this.”

(ring ring)

“Oh sorry Cheryl, it's my eldest son Bobby. I gotta go call you later.”

“Alright Tiff, stay safe out there.”

As Tiffany makes her way to the car, she tries to pick up the phone to hear her oldest son, Bobby, but the phone starts glitching and she can't hear him at all. She tries to talk to him to tell him she’s on her way, but nothing is going through. She says “I’ll talk when I get home, this stupid phone’s messed up again” and hangs up. She begins to turn on the radio to listen to some old country blues, but Bobby calls again. The loud ring scares her; she drops her phone and it hits the radio. The radio changes channels and the news starts playing, it's very staticky and she can barely hear. She is trying to maneuver her car all the while trying to find her phone on the road.

“This just in… a… serial killer by the name of… escaped…  couple of days ago… a known chi… murderer… be on the look out… lock all your doors and… be safe… should be classified… harmful and dangero…If seen, call… that's all for the Manhattan news.”

Tiffany didn't understand or hear much on the radio. All she was worried about was finding her phone and driving safely. She found the phone and when she looked, a car blasted out of nowhere. She screamed and swerved till she hit a tree on the side of the road. With little to no scratches or bruises but a busted lip, she stumbles out of the car to see the damage. She sees there's no getting home with that. Bobby calls again, and she finally picks up the phone.

“Hey Bobby, I'm sorry I'm not home yet. I just got into an accident with a tree. Could you lock the doors and go check on Eldon for me? I think some crazy person may be…”

Bobby enters the phone call with nothing but screams and distraught.

“ELDON!!!” he screams.

“What, what about Eldon?

“Honey, what's wrong?”

The phone call ends abruptly.

“Aw shucks” she utters.

As the sun started to set, Tiffany began running to peoples' houses. She knocks, she bangs, but no one comes to the door. She started to get worried. With the last hope she has, she calls her friend Cheryl.

“Hello” says Cheryl

 “Cheryl, listen, can you please come and pick me up?"

“Not if the omen is with you.”

“Cheryl, please I… Bobby was trying to call me, and the radio, I swerved and hit a tree… I… I think something is wrong, can you just please give me a ride, I'm stranded.”

“On my way” 

Cheryl gets there as quickly as possible and she drives Tiffany home. The sky is getting darker and darker by the minute. The moon is chasing them as the car hurries along. They arrive at the house and Tiffany wastes no time rushing out of the car, leaving Cheryl behind. 

    “Bobby! Eldon!” she calls.

She sees that the back door is wide open and she quickly runs up stairs.

She walks up to Eldon's room and lets out a horrifying Shriek. Both kids lay mutilated on the floor in the shape of a heart. On the wall behind them read “Best Friends for life”, painted in blood. 

           I guess the imaginary friend wasn't so imaginary or “paranormal” after all. Especially since the man had been living in a hole in their closet for days.

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