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Bloody Regrets

October 12, 2010
By christian.e SILVER, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
christian.e SILVER, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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It was raining, the pitter patter on the straw roof, and the cobblestone path drown out the thoughts of what Kayhill had just done. He’s been chuckling for what seemed like hours and hours while the blood dyes the water all around. Staining them, staining him.

Victoria, his accomplice, quickly washes away the sinful water, his sin deed. She is of a cold beauty, Victoria. Never did she seen horrified at what Kayhill had done, what he had become. He would always appreciate her, but never love; maybe that’s why they are together, because they are content with each others’ presence…

He remembers every second of it. He relives it, every day, happily. He kept a lock of the most recent victim’s hair tucked away. Smelling her scent, remembering her screams, he adored her screams.

She was so scared, so horrified, she never saw it coming. She trusted Kayhill from the first moment they’d met. Perhaps that’s what made it so much better than the others.

Cherish Jacobs had been engraved into his mind, everything about her, every part of her. Her golden curly hair. Her light blue night gown. Her muddy shoes now cleaned and shined. The bloodstained teddy bear Kayhill had given her. How she licked her lips and fingers just to taste the local caramel candy once more. How she was skipping around the day before yelling for her mother, trying so desperately to catch up. How he had found her wandering in the rain sadly singing a tune, before he smiled and took her under his cloak.

She was the third victim, the most innocent victim, his favorite victim.

Richard Lyle, a pedophile was the first. Kayhill knew from the first moment he had seen that man that he deserved to die. He had caught him in the back alley with a young adolescent girl. She was thrashing about, her screams muffled. He grabbed him, and the girl ran away before Kayhill was able to see who she was. He dragged him to his mansion. It was raining and Richard was muddy and unconscious. Kayhill took him downstairs and shook him awake, tied him to a chair, and went to look for Victoria.

Victoria trudged down stairs, and calmly gazed at the bound and gagged man. She turned to him and fruitlessly persuaded him to tell the constable of that small town, but he knew that would do nothing. Kayhill stared at him menacingly; Richard looked back, wide eyed. He slowly untied the cloth that gagged him.

Richard started mumbling, and apologizing, promising never to do it again. Kayhill hit him across the face, he had seen the blood trickle down Richard’s mouth and suddenly he had the urge to do it once more. Richard begged for him to stop but he just kept punching and punching. Kayhill saw the fear in his eyes, the blood on his face and it made him even more enraged. He couldn’t stop. Victoria just stared until she saw Richard’s eyes roll back into his head. She ran towards Kayhill and grabbed his hands with such grip, until he was forced to stop. She leaned into his ear and whispered, “he’s dead, Kayhill, he’s dead.”

His hands fell to his sides, he was panting and smiling. His knuckled were bloody. His muscles ached in joy. For the first time he had felt content with who he was, he didn’t need anything more. Victoria started to clean up the mess and blood. She didn’t look shocked or horrified. Just calm, as if she knew this day would come. Kayhill cleaned up the blood and burned the body in the woods.

As she was bandaging his knuckled she spoke, “I don’t know why Kayhill, I doubt you do either, but I will help you with anything you need.” Right then they knew this secret would bind them.

Sage Levitt was the second victim. She was in the wood looking for an inn to stay at, for it was raining and she was sopping wet. Kayhill was riding around, enjoying how the rain made him remember that first night so well. It had made him shiver with happiness. He was filled with warmth as if he were by a crackling fire rather that riding in the rain. His eyes were closed and he was smiling, when the horse stopped and neighed suddenly. He looked up, and Sage was standing in front of him dumbstruck.

He had no intention of killing her as he took her onto his horse and they rode out to his mansion. She was beautiful. Her eyes vividly sparkled under the dim candles of the glass chandelier. And as she stepped onto the marble floor, her heels clicked. She had on a very intricate cloak and a shining yellow dress. They had dinner and he had enjoyed her company. All the while never did he have a thought of killing her.

Kayhill had Victoria lend Sage a nightgown. Victoria had a look of irritation when he had announced that she would stay until morning came. But he had waved it off.

They sat by the fireplace and talked as if they were old friends, drinking wine and having a good time. By the end of the night they had felt like they had known each other all their lives. Kayhill had actually felt close to her as he kissed her gently on the hand before she departed into her room for a good night’s sleep. And he did the same as well.

Kayhill’s room was glowing for the lightning had been going on and the thunder made it hard to sleep. He just looked outside and stood there in silence. Contemplating nothing. He lit a candle and made himself walk around the noiseless halls of his grand home. He never understood what made him want to buy this house. It cost a fortune, which he had at hand. Extravagance was the least of his qualities.

He came upon Victoria’s room. She was as restless as a rock. He could hear her light breathing as he stepped into her room. She looked as she did when she was awake, cold and beautiful.

Kayhill slowly closed the door, as the thunder boomed once more. He kept walking. He found himself in front of the guest bedroom. The knob squeaked as he turned it. He gradually pushed the door open. He walked towards the bed. Her breathing was slow and relaxed, she was smiling. He could see her eyes shift under her eyelids. The bed was in disarray, Kayhill noted how she was a restless sleeper. He ran his hand across the edge of the bed until he hit her foot. His finger slunk its way up her thigh onto her stomach, she twitched slightly. Then up to her chest and he stopped at her neck. His mind was washed with the thought of her struggling under his powerful grip.

She shifted and her eyes fluttered open. Kayhill quickly move his hand away. Sage smiled a confused smile at him. He looked at her and there it was. That need bubbled up into him and suddenly he had his hands around her neck. She gasped.

Kayhill had done nothing to muffle her screams. He knew it was futile of her to scream. Victoria would do nothing. He put all his weight on her and strangled her harder. She struggled under his grasp, twisting and turning, every moment weakening. And slowly she went limp. The color faded from her eyes.

He smiled. Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead. He felt liberated. Freed in some way. He ran his hands through his hair and sauntered back to his room. He slumbered sweetly that night despite the thunderstorm raging on outside.

“You have to stop this Kayhill. I know you have this need, but she was an innocent little girl. While she was here with us, I felt like we were a family. I’m tired of this. This need you have has overcome your morals. Do you not understand?!” Victoria was shaking.

“You don’t understand. This is not a bad thing here.” Kayhill implored, “there is nothing wrong with what I am doing here, there are millions of people on this earth, a few gone is not that dreadful. And anyways they were all alone. Unwanted.”

“Nothing wrong?!? For God’s sake Kayhill she was only five years old. She was a daughter, maybe even a sister. Don’t you know that you have caused someone pain?”

“Well, I have pain. I have needs. Victoria, you know I need this.”

“Then who will be next, two young women, a baby, me?”

“I wonder…” he said.

“Take a good look at the mirror and see what you have become!”

“You said you would help me with whatever I needed.”

“You don’t need this, not anymore, you never did. You’re obsessed.”

“You speak lies. Victoria, you need to understand I live for nothing.”

“Well then you should be dead, not them.”

“If I go down, I will take you with me,” he looked at her morosely.

“How dare you!”

Kayhill looked at Victoria threateningly, and sped towards her. His hands suddenly at her throat. He couldn’t risk her telling anyone. He needed more prey to kill, and if she told, he could never kill again.

She slowly grabbed the candle next to her and burned his arm. He bellowed in pain and released her neck. She ran towards the kitchen. Kayhill recuperated and followed her, she stood there looking scared, but defiant. He ran towards her, his hands balled into a fist. And then bang…

Victoria slowly looked up and saw what she had done. Her hands were shaking, and the revolver dropped from her hands. Kayhill’s knees buckled and fell.

The blood pooled around his still body.

Victoria got down on her knees and laid him on his back. He stuttered to say something but all the came out was blood. He eyes slowly shut and Victoria knew it was over.

She had felt no happiness like Kayhill did when he killed. Although she did not feel remorseful either, and for the first time since she began living with Kayhill, she felt safe.

October,4th 1876
Dear Journal,

I have this over powering need to kill people, this desire is deadly. But this need is like a friend, it knows what I want and it makes me do it. I don’t know why this need just decided to spring now. I no way am I remorseful for what I have done, what I have become. You may think it is wrong, but it isn’t, not really. I have always been told, if you want something, you must set it as your goal to get it. I want to kill and I have made it my personal goal to do it until I get caught. You may not understand me, and I don’t understand you, but someday maybe soon, you will see. You will have this need too. I warn you, if you are a good, kind soul with everything to live for, hide yourself away. But if you are like me, with nothing to lose, go for it. Listen to your instincts. You won’t regret it…

Yours Truly,

Kayhill L.

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This just came out of my imagination. too many crime dramas i guess. :D comment or rate please.

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