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November 19, 2010
By crazo SILVER, Deer Island, Oregon
crazo SILVER, Deer Island, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"Father to daughter Heart to Heart
No Matter were we are we are never apart" my dad made that for me when i was little=) its not really true though

Running! As I’m running though the empty place with dark walls and plain brown tile floors. The lights above me flickered and began to turn off. Racing towards the door. I can hear the calm footsteps advance behind me. Smack! I ran straight into the door.

“I’m doing to get you,” the mysterious voice says.

The week before!

“Hannah you look dead tired,” my mom exclaims.

“I am I had the worst dream ever,” I told her.

“Oh are you ok?” she asked.

“Ya, I don’t want to talk about it I have to get ready for school,” I said as I placed the pop tarts in the toaster and waited for them to be finished.

“Fine, I have to go have a good day,” she said as she kissed the top of my head.

Finally she’s gone. As I pulled the pop tarts out of the toaster. Umm my favorite kind hot fudges Sunday. Walking up the stairs into my bedroom. Ugh I look like crap. That night was really bad I wish I could forget it. Forget that voice, that hidden face. Why would anyone want me! I can’t believe it I’m just freaking myself out.

Present day!
It’s getting worse! I can’t believe it. Every time, every night it gets worse. Should I go to the shrink? Or should I just forget about it. Every time is more realistic. My day was a blur everything passing fast. I need to sleep. I think I’m dyeing or going crazy.
Falling fast asleep then suddenly. I’m running! Down a hall towards the door knowing I’m going to hit I try to turn.
“OMG!” I burst out loud
It worked is this a clue that I can leave this empty empty………. Were I? Looking for a sign. I see the door numbers but its no indication of where I am. Or what I’m doing. Suddenly frozen in place! Can’t go back, only in the room. Room 142! As I enter I notice the dim lights and pail blue walls with grayish floors. It smells like something has been dying. The soft foot steps advance.
“Stop the running you can’t escape today. Words need to be spoken,” he said calmly.
“Fine, but why me? Couldn’t it have been someone else?” I asked questioningly
“No sadly only you can have this conversation, have this dream, or this reality,” he told me.
“Because if you haven’t already noticed you’re dyeing. I am death. I’m sorry for this happening to you. I wish o could help u but I see no way it was already decided I’m sorry,” he kept on repeating an apologizing.
“Its whatever, its bound to happen some time right?” I asked questioningly.
“Ya I guess but why are you so calm? Were is your shock or your scared?” death asked calmly.
“I know I know but it doesn’t bother me, why should it? There is no point especial when there is no way to change It,” I told him plainly while I stared at the bed with light blue blankets covered a lump.
“Oh ok so you admit there is no hope,” death asked?
“Ya,” my voice seaming to leave me. I walk to the bed with the lump straight down the middle. Reaching out I garbed the soft prickly blanket in my hands. My arms shaking with fear. I pulled the blanket down to the waste not really paying attention to plain white clothes or the pail face with blond hair.
Shocked as I look up at the pail face. Realization, shock, confusion, anger all walled up inside me. When I finely realized her pail face was mine except pail and lifeless.
“Is this really me?” I asked.
“Yes unfortunately,” he replied
“How, when from what. Really when did it happen?” I asked barely able to breath, I could hardly speak.
“You’re dyeing from tuberculosis. It’s a diesis of the lungs. Basically you are bleeding into your lungs. I’m really sorry,” death told me not showing his face but the mournful expression in his voice showed everything.
“It doesn’t matter I don’t care right it was bound to happen sometime. Isn’t death supposed to be mean and try to kill everyone?”I asked him.
“Yes but I’m knew to the job I don’t really like to kill people it it how do you say it. It disturbs me you could say,” he told me quietly.
“Really wow that’s different! So how long have I been here or been dying?”I asked.
“About a week, actually one week exactly today, “he told me.
“When is this conversation going to be over, or is it never going to end?” I asked somewhat annoyed.
“It doesn’t matter, “he told me, “Would you rather be with your family or here. Or do you not really care.”
“I…..I don’t know I guess I um I want to be with my family. How long will I have?”I asked.
“About two minutes when you go witch I right know!”He said.
“Wait what, will I come back here!”Dang! I was too late.

Next thing I knew I was laying. Feeling the soft prickly blanket. I could smell millions of different flowers all beautiful smells. There must have been roses, lilies, daisies, and lilacs. The only thing disturbing my calm peace was the sobbing I knew was coming from my mother sitting next to me.
“Hannah don’t die please please stay with me don’t leave me,” her voice braking to sob. I could hear her tears hit the hand she was holding lightly. I wanted to reach up and tell her I was all right and everything was going to be fine.
“Honey please don’t die,” she told me.
I start to feel a fuzzy warm feeling and no need to breath. Then I felt one tear fall down my face, only to reline I was agene standing in front of death.
“I’m sorry I wish I could have helped more, “he told me.
I couldn’t respond. I was standing in a dark room with only one light.
“Where are we?” I asked
“We’re wherever you want to be,” he told me.
So I tested it. Next thing I knew I was standing in my room of the house I used to live in. the only difference was that it was all black and gray no color at all. Before it was blues and pinks, even greens. I sat down at my desk. I began to write a note to my mom.
Mom I love you I wish I was with you know!!
“Will anyone ever see this,” I asked.
“No,” he looked down disappointed.
I turned around and began to write everything that has happened to me in the last few days or while I was sick. These are my words and my different thoughts. I have no clue if anyone will ever read this every one may or may not know of how I died and how my best friend became death. Goodbye.

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