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The Hunt Part 3

April 29, 2016
By EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
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My heart began to race. The worse possible ideas came to mind hat it was him, Guzman… I slowly turned my head, not my torso. Then, he grabbed my shoulder and spun me. It was a shorter, greying man. The apartment manager. I told him to get a phone and call the police.

The police arrived and asked me about every detail, from his history to when i walked in. They didn’t even take into consideration what kind of state i was in. I could hardly even process it myself, never mind the police.
After, I was able to go home. I threw myself onto my bed, and just stared at the ceiling fan… One, two, three, four… I counted how many times it went around… ten, eleven, twelve… Around and around… twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty-nine… I began to doise off… forty two, forty three, forty four, forty fi-... I was asleep.
I sleep till the morning’s light hit. I slowly realized where i was. When it hit me, I have to go to a meeting. I scheduled one today with the police. I bulleted to my closet and pick the first suit i could find. I didn't have time to shower, sadly, so i put a comb through my hair and ran out the door. I sat in my car for a second to breathe then realized i forgot my keys. Damn it! I thought to myself ran back in and bolted back to the living room. My body flailed back and forth. I felt like if i didn't make it would mean, i would, UHG! I don't know what i was thinking. Then from the Suns reflection a glare of metal, my keys, I sighed in relief then got back in my car and was off.
  I stepped up to the police department and opened the door head up high, trying to look confident. I was greeted by a heavy built man who pointed me in the correct direction.
¨Just go the hallway to the left it will be the third door to the right…¨ he explained. So i went to the hallway to the left. I walked a little ways down the hall to the first door, lights off and quiet, as was the second, then i came upon the door, to the left. I stepped right in, and in the room was a women. Not to big but not too slender, dirty blonde with brownish hazel eyes. She stood, by my estimate 5´3. She introduced herself;     “ Hello, my name is Evelyn Rileys. You are…?”
“Ohh me i’m Justin Mathews…” i stuttered. She must of thought me a fool. She was beautiful, Evelyn, what a gorgeous name. But I had to focus on the reason i was here.
“So you were Jon’s therapist…” she started “Well I’m just gonna ask you a few questions answer them as well as you can.” All the questions she asked me were the usual to-be-expected kind of questions, but i answered them. Her eyes pulled me in. Eye to eye she never looked away, unless to check the recorder, to see if it was still recording.
She handed me a paper before i left and said to call her if i found out anything else. So i walked out the door and went home. 

I sat up in my bed shocked, drenched in sweat. I walked to my bathroom slowly every step i took a squeak followed. Pitch black outside and inside my apartment. As i aproached the door I got a sudden chill. I stepped in anyway and i turned the fosset on and splashed cold water on my still sweating face. As i let the water sink into my pores i kept my eyes closed. I slowly lifted my head and let it hang backwards. Then i felt a pressance. I brought my head up and looked in the mirror to see him. Guzman. He had knife in hand and breathing heavily with a smile only a psycho would make. He lifted it to my neck.

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...Part three Might not be too long but things are stirring up. and can make a part 4 until i leave you with a cliff hanger...

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