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A Murder Worth Musing

February 13, 2009
By 32rosie PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
32rosie PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
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"And we're on in 3..2..1."
"Ladies and Gents, hold your horses...the circus is in town! But where is Reginald the Ringmaster? He's nowhere to be found on the Freaky Fairground. All that's left of him is his top hat which was found in the lion's cage. And the lion is not hungry...a Tarot card was also found at the scene of the crime. Will the police be able to work together to solve the crimes before "The Psycho Circus" opens? Or will they all be ruined? After all, the show must go on..."


"Aye, wouldn't you think that the Tarot cards are a bit too obvious? Why would I put me on Tarot cards at the scene of the crime, eh? I've been framed, don't ya see?" The fortune teller said.
"Good point. Have you seen any suspicious activity, anything that might help police in their investigation?"
"Not that I remember. But if I see anything in the near future I'll be lettin' you know."
"Hey, you two clowns!" The news reporter said, catching up to them. "Introduce yourself to the world."
"I'm Bill." The red wigged clown said.
"And I'm Carl." The yellow wigged clown said.
"Can you tell us anything that might help police in their investigation."
"Well I reckon there ain't no evidence since the lion went and at Mr. Reginald." Bill said.
"You dummy, the lion didn't eat no one. Mr. Reginald got murdered." Carl said, smacking Bill upside the head with an oversized shoe. "I think I might have seen someone goin' into Mr. Reginald's tent. But it could a been one of the clean up crew guys. Who knows."
"Did you get that?" The news reporter asked. The camera guy nodded. The tight rope girl was tying up her shoe laces when the camera made it over to her.
"Can you tell us anything about Mr. Reginald's murder?"
"I will tell you that Mr. Reginald was a respectable man. Very kind, sweet. He treated us with kindness, which is a rare quality to find in a ring master. When I find out he killed him they'll be hearing from my lawyer." She said, matter of factly.
"I can tell you a little something." The fire breather said, pulling the reporter to the side. He smelled like salad greens. "That old fortune teller can't stand the clowns. Ever since they made fun of her in one of their acts, she absolutely hates them. And that tight rope girl, I bet she's pretty flexible. I bet you the ring master knew that too."
"You don't mean.."
"Oh my. As this case becomes a little more interesting with every new interview, I'm beginning to wonder if the police will ever figure it out. Could it be that the clowns framed the fortune teller in yet another sick joke? Or could it have something to do with the young girl on the tight rope? We'll be back after this short commercial break."


"This just in. While my cameraman and I were standing outside of the main tent, there was a temporary power outage. During this time, another victim has been murdered, and another tarot card has been left behind. We've got the fortune teller here to decipher both of them for us."
"They be both unclear. Mr. Reginald's card tells of an unfortunate demise, as I'm sure he has suffered. And Carl, the murder's most recent victim, has a tarot card that tells about animals. It seems as if whoever is doing this wants to make everyone believe that the animals are eating these people."
"And where was the tarot card found this time?"
"In the hands of Carl's puppet."
"Two down, and still no murderer. Will..."
Suddenly, a blood curdling scream came from the animal tent. But when officials went to see what had happened, nothing was there. No bones, no blood, no people. The animals were fine, unharmed and uncaring. There was not a tarot card in sight, but the fire breather was no where to be found.
"I see something!" The fortune teller said. Everyone gathered around. "The people. Oh the poor souls!"
"What is it?"
"The murderer is a monster! A demon, how could they!"
"What is it!"
"Cannibalism. There's a cannibal running loose in the circus tent."
"What about the fire breather? He's no where to be found. What if it's him?" The reporter said. The power went out once more.


The speaker above came on, and an eerie voice boomed.
"And now, for the grand finale. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages. Let me introduce to you, my traveling circus. The top of the food chain if you will. So without further a do, tonight's entertainment..."
In the middle ring, a gorilla with a human leg in it's mouth bounded out. The camera focused in on it. The reporter had to look away. The sight was just too disturbing. The fire breather pulled himself after it, using his hands. One of his legs were gone. The gorilla ran after the fire breather and pulled his arm off. The camera was turned off.


"I'm standing in Boston Memorial Hospital, awaiting the news on Johnny Nasgocia, the fire breather. Both his legs had to be amputated, but there's news that he could have fake legs sewn to his limbs. The police, thankfully, arrested the murderess, just as she was escaping the tent top, via tight rope. According to witnesses, Lisa had been having an affair with the ring master. She then found out he had a wife, and in a jealous rage murdered him and tried to frame the fortune teller by placing tarrot cards in the spot where she had abducted her victim. She then realized that she liked to kill, and continued down a list of victims. Thankfully, only two were killed, and one seriously injured. She was, indeed, a canibal. Prefering to eat her victims then physically killing them. Tune in at 8, when news of Johnny arrives. As they say in shop biz, that's a wrap."

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