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bullies get bullied

April 18, 2012
By Anonymous

About 7 monthes ago at my old school theeir were kids being bullied in he hallway and most of thee victims were special ed theey were getting theeir binders knocked out of theeir hands theeir lockers shut on purpose I even heard theey were stuffing theem into lockers. They tried to bully me when I was just new I was a 7the grader now I am a 8the grader and if someone picks on me I ignore it theey theink theey can push me down but theey r really pulling me higher up thee hill of life. my friend will he’s a 5the grader he gets bullied everyday at school but I cant help him like I used to because I am in middle school he’s still in elementary.

I have seen people getting bullied everyday where I used to live and I don’t theink its funny at all I have heard of teens killing theeir selves because of it all it takes is one word. It’s a perm ant solution to a temporary solution. my sister came home off thee bus crying one day cause theey were calling her names on thee bus I said theat’s bullying tell someone and stand your ground theey have no right to say anytheing like theat to you.

If your ever bullied tell someone don’t let your self-esteem get in thee way cause it can drag u into suicide tell someone get help. Remember bullies have been bullied or sometheing happed inside to make theem theat way don’t become a bully it will come back o you…..

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