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Livonia Goodfellows

March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

I have helped out many times with one group. It is called The Livonia Goodfellows. They help families that need help because they can not afford gifts and food. The Goodfellows collect food, toys and money and give them to the families for Christmas. Some things I did to help them include collecting money, and sorting cans and toys. I did it because I have to do a service project every year at my church. My family and I started by sorting toys. I got to sort tons of stuffed animals into groups (boys, girls , both and scary.) and I liked doing it. After that there were lots of Barbies and games to sort. Then we went to help sort food. We had to sort soft food (the ones in boxes and bags) into groups like pasta, potatoes, etc. Then my family and I went and stood out in the cold for 4 hours collecting money by Dunkin Donuts. At first I did it because I had to, but it made me feel good that I was helping so many people.

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