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May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

When it comes down to actually having to do community service for teens we all gripe and complain. The real idea behind it is for the sake of the community to bring us all closer together. I'm a freshman girl and I used to gripe about having to do community service to graduate but i looked behind the schools view. I got volunteered to help kids and teenagers at a field day where kids were outside all day learning all about fun hunting, shooting, trapping things. I am an archer and my school team went to nationals. So i was a helper for the archery system. It was pretty fun compared to having to serve at a diner. I was outside in the cold for six dreadful, muddy hours but i realized i had a smile on my face while i was watching the little 5 year olds. First time picking up a bow, first time touching an arrow, first time pulling the bow back, first time having to worry about the safety of themselves from others around them. I have eight hours of community service. My goal is 474 hours. =)

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