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Helping feels AWesome

April 24, 2010
By Fires SILVER, Eagle Pass, Texas
Fires SILVER, Eagle Pass, Texas
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Some people don’t like helping others they just do what’s best for them without even thinking who they might hurt. I am always helping people when I can. I just do it no matter who the person is if I like them or not. I have been helping since I can remember. I decide to help others all the time. I joined a group of people that volunteer at different places. The first day I went I was so nervous I didn’t know anyone and I was the only young person there. I asked the lady in charge and she said we were going to a nursing home to help the nurses with the residents. I was scared because I was young and I couldn’t move anyone heavy and I didn’t know anything about moving, talking, or helping old people. I went with this lady that knew how to take care of old people. She told me it was easy and at the end you feel good because you helped someone feel good about themselves. When we arrived it looked like a big house with many windows and many trees. The nurse in charge told us to make teams of two or three people and pick a number between one through seven and our number would determine what hall we would be helping in. We decided on three. All the groups went their ways to meet the nurses in charge for that hall. My partner told me to ask the resident what he or she wanted to do. She told us she was ready for lunch. I stared at her for a while and my partner said what does she want to do and I told her she wanted to go to lunch. What should I do now she said what do you do when you want to have lunch. I wash my hands and I ask my mom what’s for lunch. She told me to get a wash cloth and get it wet and put a little soap and wash her hands and dry them after you are done and I am going to ask the nurse what’s for lunch and if she needs helps eating or if we have to stay with her. I did what she told me and I started talking to her about her day and her family. She was very comfortable talking and I was shaking not knowing if I was doing it right. My partner came back in and she said she eats in her room and she calls us when she is done to pick her plate. We got her food and told her what was for lunch and left to call us when she was done. We helped a couple more people to lunch but every one had something different we had to ask the nurse what we could do. When everyone was eating we had nothing to do but wait until everyone was done and we could visit with the residents and we could talk, read, take them outside, and anything else they wanted to do. My partner and I went around collecting all the plates and taking them to the kitchen. When we were done we went in different directions and we did different things with the residents. I read to three people and I took two people out for a walk but it was a ride in their wheelchair. When we finished it was around 5:oop.m. we left. I told my partner she was right you feel so good at the end of the day. I was so happy I wanted to do it again but she said we only do it onces a week but we do a lot of helping in the hospitals and stores. Sometimes we even go to Elementary schools to help teachers with their students. We have plays or we have a small fair with animals and face paintings. Everyday we try to do something different and help our town in any way we can. I was so impressed I wanted to keep helping and I wanted to keep doing it. I went to the group the next day and we did something different everyday. Now everywhere I help anyone I can at the store just holding the door or at the bookstore helping people decide which book they should read. I am a helping person I don’t care who the person is if I can help I do. I feel awesome when I help someone accomplish something. I hope I can continue to do it. I find pleasure-seeing people smile and I know I did something for them to smile about. I don’t ask anything in return all I need is a smile.

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I hope people realize helping others wont hurt them. It will make them feel good about themselves and what they did to change someone's life.

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