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March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I always believe that if someone is struggling or asks for help I should help them and assist them with what they need. There are always ups and downs in life no matter where you may look. One way to help people out is by doing something in your community or an organization. There are always community service opportunities that pop up all over the sates. One day when you’re sitting watching TV think about what you could do for a person in need and all it takes is an hour out of your day.

Every year, my family and I like to participate in a few community service opportunities. During winter time close to Christmas they have a dinner down at the center. This center can house 60 people. Some of these people use to be wealthy, but as we all remember one of the worst days of our lives, 9/11. This disaster turned people’s lives upside down as it did all across the world. These men and women live in this home to survive and live off whatever they can afford.

Every winter time my family and about ten other families will serve dinner at the center to about 100 to 200 men. The dinner could be either KFC or a nice gourmet dinner. Whether it is either of those they are both still delicious. As they at dinner I like to talk to them and learn about their lives. They don’t hesitate to mention the line we always hear, “stay in school.” I always blew that line off because I didn’t enjoy school, but now I

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realize it’s the most important time of my life. Every time I here that, I think of the men who said that. There are many different kinds of community service opportunities.
Another one that I help out with that people love to participate in is called Harvesters. All the food that people bring in supports so many families its crazy; but have you ever thought where that food goes? While trucks are bringing food in for thousands of families to survive off of, I am helping them sort it all out. There are about ninety crates that all these different types of food are categorized in. Sometimes its car accessories and another time it’s the popular canned food. The people that are helping out can be of any age; and no matter what age you are you will definitely get a work out, lifting boxes and running with boxes will produce some muscle. This food then gets sent out to Thousands of families, and at the end of the day I can sit and realized that I may have saved a life today.

When there are opportunities like this take advantage of them. You may not think of this right now but as I said some of these men and women were wealthy and even professional boxers. So I’m just shooting this out there, that this could be you someday. If it is you would want those people like me to help you out the exact same. All you have to do is help.

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