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   Peer Ministry

by C. B., Weymouth, MA

It was the end of sophomore year when I was accepted into the Peer Ministry here at Notre Dame Academy. I was anxious to learn what this group had to offer not only the school but also the community. Each year the Peer Ministry group performs several volunteer acts including the Christmas and Easter gift drives, Oxfam day and weekly faith talks at the Miramar Retreat Center in Duxbury. For the gift drives, the Peer Ministers collect Christmas toys and clothes and Easter bunnies and candy from the faculty, students and staff. These presents are given to underprivileged children and their families at several local centers.

The 26 Peer Ministers, a combination of juniors and seniors, also serve as lectors and distribute the Eucharist at school liturgies and masses. This group meets twice a week with two faculty moderators to plan these volunteer projects, liturgies, and faith talks at Miramar. Peer Ministry is also trying to make our school a better place for everyone. I am glad to see that our efforts are making a difference in both the community and our school.

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