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Volunteering For Jesus

February 20, 2009
By Jesusismyhomeboy BRONZE, Jaksonville, Florida
Jesusismyhomeboy BRONZE, Jaksonville, Florida
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Some people don't know how great volunteering for an organization is such a life changing experience. I'm 14 years old and I ant do as much as I would like but I help out at my church!

Two Sundays a month I help out with celebration church kids services. One Sunday I teach in the toddler's section. Then the next Sunday I work in the nursery. In the toddlers we always have a cool little raft for the kids to do that goes along with the video we watch. Its a little cartoon show that reads verses from the bible and puts it into a simpler version so the kids can understand. It's also a sing-along so most kids really enjoy it and they get up and jump around and dance! Then we just play with all the toys we have set out for them and give them a little snack. In the nursery we just play and hold all the little ones then towards the end we give them a snack and change their diapers so they go back dry to their parents.

Then every Sunday night I go to where my youth group meets an hour early so I can help everybody set up. My friends and I help sell the pizza or we check people in. Through doing all this extra help I have become a lot closer to the youth pastor and his wife and I get to talk to all the great people in the church. I meet new kids all the time! It's so great and welcoming there!

I get so much pleasure getting to know all the children and being able to bond with all the adults. When you're known at a church, church is so much more fun and it's kind of like your second home! Sine I have been getting involved I learned so much more about god and became closer to him, he is blessing me each and everyday!

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