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Twenty-First Century

April 14, 2008
By Anonymous

I can picture the world,
When it was still green,
When the water was clear,
And the ozone serene.

I can imagine a time,
When we had views to spare,
And beautiful scenery,
Was just about everywhere.

But imagine and picture,
Is all I can ever do,
Since the people in this world,
Came up with something new.

They thought it'd be cool,
To tear away our trees,
To destroy our air,
And pollute all our seas.

They thought it'd be great,
If they covered all our flowers,
With houses and buildings,
And highways and towers.

They didn't really think,
That their inventions were to blame,
When the world fell to pieces,
That put nature to shame.

They thought that their
Impact on Earth was small.
But what they didn't know
Is that they're killing us all.

Whoever said
"What they don't know
Can't hurt them"
Was terribly wrong.

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