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Four Seasons

November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

Being in the Upper Peninsula is great. I love being able to experience all four seasons to their fullest; hot summers, orange falls, white winters and green springs, it’s the best.

In the summer temperatures can get so high I can feel sweat rolling down my face like rain drops on a wind shield when I’m just resting under the suns rays. On days like this most people go down to the beach. The lake feels like a deep breath of fresh air for my whole body. On summer nights the singing crickets perform a concert for the whole forest behind my house; I usually just lie there until the symphonies put me into a deep sleep.

The fall comes soon after Labor Day passes. All the brilliant green leaves morph into the colors of a Lake Superior sunset, flashy oranges, reds, and yellows. As soon as the trees transform the air seems to smell cleaner than the muggy, heavy summer air. Almost like when you throw a dirty, smelly, old shirt into the washing machine and it comes out looking brand new. My favorite part of fall is going up to Lake of the Clouds and looking down over the scarlet landscape. The view is breathtaking.

Not too long into November all the trees are naked standing in the woods snapping and creaking at each other because of the frigid air swirling throughout them. Soon after the cold air takes effect snow begins to drift out of the crayon gray sky placing a huge doily on the entire floor of the woodland. If you stand outside you can see the millions of different designs the magnificent snowflakes make. Not too long after they land on my skin, the crystals are absorbed, never to be seen again. The frosty wind makes my hands and face feel like they are being nibbled on by invisible insects. The only thing to help is a heaping cup of hot chocolate. The delicious cocoa sensation touches your tongue and you get an instant burst of heat all through your body.

When the snow is all gone the birds sing their merry little tunes to one another. The ground sprouts fresh green hair and the flowers perfume the air all around you with delicious scents. The spring breeze blankets your whole body, it sends goose bumps up your arms and straight down your back and makes every hair stand on end. Each day the sun decides to hang in the sky a little longer. Soon into spring all the clocks are forced ahead an hour, and summer is coming once again.

The four seasons change so drastically and quickly it’s almost as if you blink you’ll miss a whole three months. The seasons in the U.P. are worth seeing at least once in one’s lifetime.

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