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Cars, Cars, Cars

March 9, 2008
By Anonymous

In 6th grade, my Gifted teacher, Mrs. Mar, introduced me to a new way of looking at this world and how crucial it is to save it and try to protect while we can.

I watch as people drive full-sized Hummers and 18-wheeler trucks and wonder why they really drive those. Don't they realize that it's killing the only planet we depend on to live? It eats up our exhaustible source of energy. So I came up with an idea. Gas prices are skyrocketing, and in no time, people are going to stop driving cars to save money on fuel. We can start looking for alternate ways to travel, besides train and bus. They still use fuel, and soon, buses and trains will go out of business with the sky-high gas prices.

People might find this travel outrageous at first, but may become as wildly popular as the automobile. We can start bicycling all around. There are many advantages; bicycles only reuire a periodic oil, and with the rising number of obese Americans, we can obtain an amazing amount of exercise. People can start a new trend, as I already see many Americans starting to use a bike to travel.

Who knows? Bikes can become the new, healthier environment!

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